Team Arcadia


A team that escaped their Universe’s destruction and left to find a new home. finding the planet of Spherus Magna, they blend in, set up a base and help the toa protect the planet. However they’ve changed members along the way. However the Current team consides of Vent, Neo Silveron, Crimson Toa and Stealth Nymph. Vent and Stealth Nymph being the last original Members, Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Neo Silveron’s original form was as Vent’s cyborg brother. After a battle with their enemy from the other universe, he was damaged and turned himself fully into a robot. Slightly colder, he is still a good weapons man and engineer. Stealth Nymph was a stealthy amazonian warrior who fit in well with toa. Finally we have Crimson Toa, a totally cybernetic individual who took the place of a long dead member named Crimson Ninja. Cold and Ruthless for a toa, he has his honor and is respectful…


Crimson Toa:

An Honorable and powerful toa, he is a warrior at heart. Though despite this, as an artificial toa without much morality, he doesn’t obey the Toa code and merely works with Vent to find his origin

Silvex/ Neo Silveron

A calculative, and helpful brother to Vent, Silveron makes sure the base works. He is more or less colder then CT, but is devoted to helping his brother and their friends. However, he is slightly lonely…

Stealth Nymph:

A powerful and kind amazon, she is upfront and blunt. Quick to the point and very skilled, she is attracted to Vent due to an incident in the past. She is also very defensive

Update: Time to complete!

Basicly these were OCs I made somewhere about 6-7 years ago, while these mocs were made 1-2 years ago. Basicly, these are Vent and JMP’s best friends and main team. These are more of side characters though and don’t play much, they’re more like a support team. They do go out and have fun though


Crimson Toa

Neo Silveron

Stealth Nymph



I’d love more pictures. Action poses aren’t enough. I 'd love to see the detail in each MOC.


updated with new pics

The biggist critique I can possibly make involves the waists. I think they could all use more armor, or just something there.

Loving the custom torsos! Though I agree with @Nyran, the waists could use some bulk.

I could just use tires or custom clothes, but these guys seem abit purist. Also have you people seen the large amount of mocs with thin waists?

Yeah, I’ve seen lots of stick-thin waists over the years. It doesn’t make them any good. Also, I recommend quoting or mentioning people (like this: @TheJMPofArcadia) when you’re replying to them. It makes it so much easier to keep track of conversations. :smiley: