Teera, Master of Shade

Hey, again, members of the message boards! This is Teera, one of my projects from over a year ago.
Teera, Master of Shade
Teera was once a philosopher who lived Okoto's region of jungle. She discovered one of Makuta's experimental masks, the Mask of Shade, which gave her control over shadows and darkness. She was recruited for the Toa Pahu in order to stop the recently awakened Diaa. Although she wields powers of darkness, she fights alongside Okoto's heroes.
Teera, drawing the Wing
She uses her element to confuse her opponents with illusions and to travel through shadows. Her element is not directly offensive in combat, so she wields the Wing of Shadow, a sword that can channel darkness to launch particles that weaken targets. Even without her sword, she can use her wrist blades for defense. Teera is incredibly intelligent, and she prefers to use stealth and strategy to defeat opponents.
Teera, Unarmed
While she is definitely not my best work, and I am not a fan of her proportions anymore, I am still happy with some aspects of Teera's design. Her sword and torso are probably the only things I would be comfortable reusing on a figure of this scale. Anyways, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!


Nice thighs


Teera, Master of Squats.

Looking back, they are way too big.


Hey at least they cover up the ball joint, a lot of people forget to do that.


Everything here is nice, I'm a big fan of how you incorporated the batwings. One thing I don't like is the wideness of her torso. Slimming it down by, say, 1 or 2 notches will do.

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I really like what you used for the "heels". Always wanted to do that, bu I have no mata foots...


Trying to find something to criticize.. That's a good thing from to hear from me

Having the chest be made up of a stack of gears looks a little odd, but overall I like it. In fact, this just gave me an idea.


I like the color scheme a lot, and the torso design is really cool

Noice! I like the concept.

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Nice. Well written, not overly long bio, good parts usage... I love it!

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Groovy MOC man.

I dig the color scheme. But that one blue pin...


Something about the proportions looks awkward

Looks nice, but I dont really care for the lower legs, the torso, and the upper arms are too long.


Thanks! I had issues with stability if I made it thinner, but there might be a way around it.

I agree now. I have been working on improving that in my newer projects.

Thanks for the input! The lower legs are really lazy, I guess.

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Hey, I remember this one! As solid as it looks, I have to say that the torso looks a bit... boxy to me.

I also have to say, that's one of the best Bionicle swords I've ever seen.