Tehuiti: The Crow



This is great! I love the hands. :relaxed:

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Very Spooki…

A weird concept, but the design is pretty nifty, and I suppose the noble Huna has somewhat a beaked look.


Interesting take on Though some parts on him are somewhat simplistic, I still like him very much overall.

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Doesn’t scream CROW!, but a neat flying creature nevertheless.

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Love the beasty look of this one!

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While is basic it does have a good presence and honestly doesn’t need to be mostly custom.
I do question the dark trans green but it doesn’t look bad, the choice of mask is pretty good too, the marbled look makes it work well with the color distribution of the silver being at the ends.

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I quite like the concept, and the execution lives up to the hope.
Very creepy, but in a good way.

Lovely and simple :slight_smile:

Reminds me of my MOC a while back called “The Vulture”

Good stuff overall 7/10

Tehuiti has seen better days :stuck_out_tongue:

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He looks like a possessed post-matoran

Pretty cool

That looks pretty interesting.

…And now I will never be able to look at a noble Huna the same way ever again.


its ok for a Vhaki build

It may use the waist, but this is by no means a Vahki build.


Adding on to what @Hutere said, it’s very different overall. The only true similarity is in the uppers torso, which is still customized. The limbs and head are completely different.


Same as was said above, though I do agree it uses a lot of vahki elements. I wanted something that felt like it could come from '04.

I fail to see how this is a “Vhaki Build”?
Please explain


Pretty sure he meant Vahki.

Though I will comment that despite similarities this is still a unique build.

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Ya know, remove the wings and it reminds me alot of the newest enemies in the dark souls 3 dlc.

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