Tekhi-Orochi, The Banished

I haven’t really made any full-hearted MOCs before this guy so, technically my first take on a full-fledged MOC (within my standards as a beginner). So I’d like to ask for some opinions and such, but I’m still kinda getting used to how the forums work so I might be late with replying. Anyways, the torso was originally from Kemzal’s tutorial video, but I found it a bit short, so I (heavily) modified it to look unique. I intend to replace his mask with a Tryna, but its still in consideration. The hands are based from a MOC I saw once, but I can’t recall who it was from.Other than that lecture, please post some opinions or tips.


Looks good. Think of a word you like in English, then put it in Google translate to Maori. There’s your name.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll think of some words later on and give it a try

Just remembered a few terms while thinking and got Tekhi-Orochi, a mixture of a water snake spirit and the 8 headed, 8 tailed snake killed by Susanoo in Japanese Mythology.

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Looks interesting. Nice job

this is a pretty legit MOC. there isn’t much I can say because that won’t involve a complete remake.

here’s what I’m seeing:

thin motif
legs transition into legs well
upper arm armor/shoulder pads work with the thin torso
sword is good as is, but maybe look into custom ones (I’ll post a simple one below)
I might worry about lack of color, not to say having just two colors is bad, but the plain black/silver combo is kinda bland.
instead of making the lower legs black, making the lower arms grey might add some variation into the mix
add a little more to the bum, even if it’s just a three-length Thechnic beam.

over all, a very solid MOC, good work :smile:

here’s the thing

The yellow can be swapped out for light grey fairly easily


Thanks for the great tips and such, as soon as that package arrives, I’ll see what I can do and post a few pics of the newer version afterwards.

This MoC is pretty good. I think I’d eventually phase out the chest armor for something more complicated.

Did I hear Susanoo?
<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/d/0/d0cc12608ebc586be450f9c2ed2a9a2f8a0dc225.gif" width=“500” height="28

This MoC is pretty good. I think I’d eventually phase out the chest armor for something more complicated.

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Not too enticed by the monochrome colorscheme, although the build is good.

@ToaSonus You just had to make a Naruto reference huh xD

Oh, and I’ll see what i can do Color-Wise

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I always have to make a reference. It is my purpose.


It’s pretty good for the most part, but the lower arms could use some work.

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Okay, so far, I’ve swapped out a few pieces to gray and added very small changes, oh, I also updated the sword. Sadly though, due to my poor lighting, I wont be able to post any pics until tomorrow morning(ish)…

Note: I see how the lower arm could do some work, but I’m kind of racking my head on ideas to re-do it.

Okay the only major/signifigant change is the remade lower arms along with some color swaps and new clear bar for the energy orb, and ignore the red marks on the silver piece, I’ll just say that kids love markers and thats my last one before my order comes in.

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I like this guy! He has good proportions and you’ve used a lot of parts that work well with each other - his forearms, hands, back armour and legs all have a good, techy look to them and his silver armour is pretty busy as well.
I’m not a fan of the new armour you added to his forearms since it doesn’t fit so well with the look of the rest.
The cam part on the stomach is a good touch, looks like musculature.
The green eyestalk doesn’t carry light very well so it’s hard to see his eyes. I recommend using some of these connected by one of these at the back. You’ll have more defined and visible eyes… though not in trans-green like that I guess.


Thanks for the help, I’ll see if I have any of those trans-green bars still un-used laying around to do that.
I think I have a 2nd trans-green bar in my order, so hopefully its one of the 129 lots I chose… Yep I ordered a big one. ^-^

Okay, all I really did so far today and will do probably till my pacakge arrives is work a bit on the fore-arms(unsuccessfully) and extend his torso upward by 1 to fix the (OCD and minor) proportions due to my remodeled fore-arms.

Update(4-1-16): My package arrived and I’ll work on updating Tekhi!

don’t want to knit pick but isn’t that blue rod piece mega blocs?

nope its a lego beam part thats trans blue :expressionless: