Tekken Discussion Topic

With Tekken 7 just around the corner, and especially a shocker for a new character added to the roster, Akuma, from Street Fighter, I would like to discuss the Tekken series, as the Mishima saga comes to a close. Who is your favo(u)rite fighter? Favorite game? Favorite movie?

For those of you that don't know what Tekken is, it's a 3D fighting game created in 1994, and was originally on the Playstation. I doubt this topic will find much popularity, but lets see what happens.

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I hear it's alright

seems like and has crossed over with Street Fighter

How is the franchise?

Great. Basically the game that revolutionized the 3D fighting game genre, as well as Street Fighter's largest competitor. You should try it.

The completeionist says "play Tekken" so why not

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I don't know much about these games.
The one thing I do know is that there is a bear or something...

I think Tekken 6 is the bee's knees. Especially with the fighter customization. I've made my Waifu and a Rule 63 version of me. Why are you all staring at me like that?

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My main characters i played religiously were Jin, Kazuya and Dragunov.

I really am iffy about akuma in tekken 7, i really want a fitting end to the mishima saga with just..you know, the mishimas?

Oh man, my mom was addicted to this for the longest time when the second or third had just come out.

Oh hey.
I forgot.
Pokken Tournament.
That's a thing.
I might just have to play it...

Okay then... :no_mouth:

Agreed, I mean, it's cool that Akuma's a guest and all, but why add him into the story at this point? The end of the Mishima Saga, and you add Akuma. They could have at least added him him in an earlier game (maybe 5) and explained it here. Just seams to random... Then again, Gon in Tekken 3....