Teleta, Powerless Toa

Teleta is a Toa who was created without Elemental Powers, yet has the colors of an Onu-Matoran, despite being a female. To compensate for her lack of power, she created her weapon with Elemental Crystals, made of the same substance that encases the Power Stones. With them she can create elemental blasts of whatever Elemental Crystal is currently being used.

She will be a main character in TAC4. Also in this photo shoot I decided to use my new black background that I will use alongside my white one.


I like the sword a lot.

(Even if it’s just a long axle).

Nice job, nothing special, but nothing wrong imo.

Looks nice. The sword is cool and the body and build looks well built.

Was this intentional? It’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it.


I like what you did with the colors, she seems like a very weiss character :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the build.
The upper shoulders, however, seem kinda flat.

I love concept of this moc!

Yeah that was the whole idea behind it XD I was hoping someone would catch on.

@Komrad Thanks! Yeah she was inspired by Weiss. I’ve wholly embraced RWBY


You could totally give her a bunch of different mask’s to imitate Weiss’s glyphs, like bitils time mask to kind of imitate her summoning, kakama to imitate time dilation and a garai to imitate her… boost pad glyphs? the main white ones she uses, I don’t know the actual name of those.


Cool moc dude

This is interesting to me specificallly, because my brother and I used to make numerous swords in the same style as this; using a long axle and a fancy hilt. This moc kinda hits home in that regard, and I like it for that.

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Despite using Inika limbs, which isn’t my preferal, I think they’re used pretty well here, and I enjoy the torso. The sand blue is a nice addition as well, and I especially like the weapon. It reminds me of the Myranester (hopefully I spelled that right) from RWBY, especially with the different elemental powers.

EDIT: Now reading some of the comments, someone got to that before me. And now I can see where you got the colors from. Weiss is one of my favorite characters, so I can appreciate that a lot.


I can’t help but think of my self MoC when I look at this, especially with the weapon. Anyway, this is a really nice looking MoC, the silver parts have a nice and consistent aesthetic among them, same for the black.

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A rapier I don’t think I’ve seen that yet in a moc, Nice.

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Looks nice, and I like the sword.

Hey @Joe, I found Oronix’s cousin!


Inb4 she’s a Makuta.
(The sword is really cool)

This guy reminds me of a fencer for some reason…nice.

TFW you look back at this and realize it’s totally Weiss.


I wonder why…

But yeah, it’s Weiss. And I still need to finish RWBY


Well I did know it was inspired by Weiss, but I originally saw it before I watched RWBY.