Tell Me About Your Dreams


i had a dream that @prpldragon drew the staff (mods and cast) as steven universe characters

i would not mind if that dream came true





staff as in mods? cuz ive actually drawn var and eljay as gems before so lol


staff as in both the mods and cast members

oh wow

i like to think eljay would be ronaldo


So... my most recent dream I remember was a nightmare....
Basically, I was going to Airborne school (for some reason) and in the middle of our first jump (again, I have no idea why I was there, my dreams put me in weird scenarios) they told us we were about to jump over a soon to be active volcano (apparently 4 days time), and it happened to be I mountain I grew up near (Mt. Viejas, San Diego, which is not a volcano, but in my dream, it was.) It was going to be huge "launching four-foot wide boulders into the air and waves of lava..." (quote from the trainer in the dream) "but we're still jumping." Well, just as he finished, and we begun to jump, the super volcano exploded. Then it basically turned into the 2012 movie, but I don't remember what happened after the jump.

I then woke up, bracing for the volcanic eruption...
Then I realized I was near Los Angeles, not San Diego.
Then I realized there are no volcanoes in San Diego anyways.
Then I realized that was all a dream, and breathed a "thank God"
And kinda sat there, in semi-shock for about twenty minutes.

I just had a weird dream: okay so there's this red-haired girl (Who I'm going to call Mary Jane) Who I was hanging out with, until her parents told her to come inside for some reason. She told me she'd right out, so she went into her house while he parents were swearing about how they can't use the frickin' (that word used since they are children here) remote and for some reason the three shows they flipped through are Bravest Warriors, Bea and Puppycat, and what looked like Jake the dog in a diaper.

Mary Jane then deiced to go for a car ride in the Batmoblie from the Adam West TV show and ran into this annoying guy who was a huge jerk-until Mary Jane pantsed him. I was wondering why she did that, and she told me because she #$%^( felt like it.

Another note: Most of my dreams have swearing in them for some reason, even though I don't really swear.


I had a dream were i was at supernova and saw that Michael from achievement hunter was there but the convention was outside for some reason the Michael and a bunch of fans jumped in a lake and played with a ball but i didn't want to get wet so i didn't go in

I had the worst lucid dream ever i was in a lego shop looking for mega bloks? (Dream logic i guess) then i saw the original makuta set and said wait they don't make it anymore discovered it was a dream went back to shopping

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I had a dream I was friends with @Waj on Skype.

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What an oddly specific dream.... if you really want, you could pm me your username, and I could add you. Don't really know why you'd want to talk to me though, I'm pretty lame :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh, it looks like I've never posted here before... probably because I don't have dreams :stuck_out_tongue:.

Nintendo crushes them all


I think there was one where an animated @IllustriousVar as Black Panvar was trying to kill me...
That was weird, and mildly disturbing.


I had two weird dreams last night...

the first one was my mom trying to explain Jojo's Bizzare adventure to me. It also involved trying some bread dough for some reason. Also there were a bunch of guys representing the series, with one of them being Broly.

I also had a dream in which one of my friends told me she was leaving deviant art by giving me a bunch of my old a bunch of my old drawings back and by giving me a drawing that was labeled "max Steel" yet it was actually a green and orange Matrix of Leadership.

The song "Good Riddance" By greenday was also playing in my head the whole time.

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Last night, I had a dream where LEGO revealed that BIONICLE was actually doing extremely well, and it became incredibly popular.

They had plans to make an in-theaters movie (and brought back Cryoshell to make the soundtrack), and I remembered seeing this massive movie poster with Makuta and Ekimu fighting.

Then I woke up, and felt like crying. :frowning:


I hate it when I have those perfect dreams.
Most of them are about finding the perfect pieces for mocs in my existing collection.


I didn't even have the dream but reading it makes me want to cry

Last night i dreamt there were a bunch of huge birds in our backyard and we were throwing balls at them to make them go away.

I have a series of dreams with Retro Computer Smart TV, two of my dogs escape walking to giant stairs, & other weird stuff that I can't remember.

I had a dream where I needed to get to some place so I had to get Ghost rider and Optimus prime's help. Oh and deadpool.

I had a dream where there was a dead bear in my backyard, the size of an Olympic swimming pool.
A regular sized bear killed it and jumped onto my window, scratching the glass.
I was a bit scared.

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i recently dreamt of a lego convention.
while i was there i found some guys selling bricks in boxes. i just looked through said boxes to find a 14k golden hau. i carefully put it in a plastic bag along with some bricks and other masks and bought the bag for 5€.

rarely have i been that disappointed with a dream not being real...