Tell Me About Your Dreams

I dreamt that my sister let my mom at the as station and took the car for herself-then she crashed it. I then had to get my dad and tell him-which meant I had to walk ALL the way home-only for him to tell me to check of she was still there.

I also had a dream where there was this lady who was very mean to me, doing things such as punching me in my wounds and insulting me. As such I ignored her when she turned into a gorilla.

She also looked like tashagi from One Piece.


Ah, multi-faceted dreams.

I was a gladiator for a while. Among my foes was a girlwho couldn't have been older then ten. Afraid to hurt her, I held back. She won.
(I was fighting with nunchuks and kamas for reasons)
I had to stop a driverless, out-of-control truck.
I went back to college. I spent about a half-hour in the wrong classroom. I was afraid I'd be really late after I realized my mistake, but when I arrived at the right classroom, the teacher hadn't shown up yet.
I helped a kid find his parents.
/I ate skittles.
I got knocked backwards in time somehow. So I jumped back forward.
Not in that order.


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I have had dreams my whole life of being in our car with one of my siblings (normally my little brother) we will be sitting in the back and/or middle seats. as the car will drive away by itself. then I have to take the wheel and try stop the car, no one actually seems to care until I manage to get the car to stop or go back to where it was.

Thus I gained my fear of driving....

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I often get dreams of driving too, most often then not I end up being terrible. I speed, swerve and screech at turns, run through red lights, go past the road which I was supposed to go, fall into ditches, etc. It's kinda scary but mostly frustrating. I interpret the dreams as my inability to take full control and independence over my life...


I hope my dreams mean nothing....


But I keep having dreams, and then those events will happen in real life, it might be a few days to a few months before it happens. So now I am in a state of paranoia over which dreams are just dreams...


I had a dream where I was a sentient fungus (an amalgamation of moss-like blobs floating through the air), looking for a safe surface to spread, but the cops (who were furries) were chasing me down trying to stop me. I had to float on top of building, go into stealth mode and hide under tables and chairs, etc. It was only until one cop decided to be nice to me and allow me to live in his garden even though I could infect his crops.

The second portion of my dream consisted of everyone on the boards (who looked like their avatars) having an annual meeting in a large building filled with Bonkles, HF sets, Gundam figures, etc. I wanted to purchase some Bonkles, but one of my scary teachers were standing guard, so I avoided him. I also remember trying to befriend Political Slime, but he wouldn't talk to me because I was a scrub. It was then when a spoopy voice on an intercom announced that Voparak had infiltrated the building ans we all had to evacuate. The voice also announced that he had sent Vahki squads to take him down but they were almost immediately defeated. The dream ended with everyone frantically running away to the exit.


Was I there?

Scribbles on a clipboard

So tell me sir, what was your alcohol and/or drug intake?


but moss isn't a fungus...

I don't remember now

Overdosed on last-minute studying

good to know

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I dream that Chuck Norris made a MOC, and it was considered to be literally perfect. Ven reviewed it on the spot, gave it a 15/15. Moccers all gave up because MOC perfection had been achieved, and LEGO quit making sets.

That went from awesome to sad.


I dreamt of a guy who had a brain operation live on TV. The doctor had to use his mouth to suck the brain matter (which looked like raw ground beef) from the back of the patient's head. Unfortunately the patient's eyeballs got sucked back into his skull and out into the doctor's mouth. What was thought to be a tumor inside the brain turned out to be a third eyeball; the doctor blew all the contents back into the man's head, and the third eyeball went back and grew out from his forehead.

With the third eye, the man claimed to suddenly know all the secrets of the universe and spiritually ascended into a higher plane of existence.

When I woke up I had fallen from my bed :dizzy_face:


I've had three dreams now about a post-summer BIONICLE set. In one of these dreams, I actually remembered having the first two. That's weird, because I've never had a dream where I remember a previous dream I've had.

I'm not normally one to believe in dream prophecies or the like, but this is weird, I must admit.

I also had a dream about a third Graphic Novel that was all about Ekimu.



I had a dream were i was at like a big festival or something and the whole cast of TTV was there except eljay had a big green paper bag over his head and it had a little frowning face on the front. Then later i was talking to him and he took it off and i cant quite remember but his face (in my dream) kinda looked like Bushur (from the youtubes). Although this dream did happen after one of my stupid guess eljays face posts so i may stop doing that.

My dreams confused me so much


Gosh it's been so long since I shared a dream here.

I actually don't remember a lot of my dreams from recently, but there is one from a couple weeks ago. The first part of the dream had to do with a homosexual graffiti art exhibit, then a guy was sowing my heart back together. It stayed together for a few seconds, then it broke and blood started gushing out up until I realized that my life at the time was too boring for that sort of thing to happen, and I woke up.


While that does work for 'ol Cap. That is actually a Superman quote.


I once have a dream we've I was at a restaurant while some filming crew are doing a episode of a TV Show.

I know we supposedly dream near every night but I rarely remember my dreams, andwhen I do they're quite odd to say the least. I remember one from way back in mid/early 2015, and 2 from a few days ago.
The first dream went a little like this. (Remember this one vividly)
It was a starry night and I had two people with me, the person they were kept changing throughout the dream. Anyway, I was sitting on a hill looking at the sky with two people next to me. The sky lights up aurora style and something crashes into a shed downhill in a back yard. So obviously, you go look at what happened. So we arrive at the metal shed and walk behind it. A tiny cartoon style UFO shows up with green non-traditional like aliens (I can't quite remember how they looked). So naturally you fight the aliens. The aliens engage in hand to hand combat, one of the two people get shot in the hand and their hand turned into the cartoon depicion of toxic waste, only it slowly spread so they cut their arm off. We run uphill to a house, I turn around and look out a giant wandow, the number of alien dudes has multiplied and they shatter through the glass. My dream self then got mauled by aliens. (While sleeping logic doesn't exactly seem to matter to me).

Dream 2:
I'm in some sort of anime fantasy world thing yet again. This time near a beach in a house seemingly filled to the brim with stained wood furniture. I walk to a hall way and there's three doors. I head to the one straight ahead. It snds up being my room. The one on the left side was a room with 5 people playing a video game on an old tv, and the room on the right was where that anime fantasy became relavent. I ended up with a note saying I was accepted to slay monster things in a 3 person group with a leader dude. I enter the room and converse with the person in there, get introduced to the other people and then head out to a different room. Monster thing was spotted and reported, the Mentor guy asked who I can asume was his mentor if it was okay to bring trainees to fight it, he said yes. We head out to a tower that happened to be oddly shaky (come to think if it I think it was a metal pole surrounded by ropes with an outpost on top). We climb up the side of the tower to get to the outpost on top. Someone spots the monster and it causes the tower to collapse. Luckily we're prepared and have hang gliders all the sudden and I end up flying a bit away. I run into some people I guess dream me knows and tell them I have to rush back. At this moment something odd happened and physics just broke. I explicitly remember thinking to myself, "that's not how that works.... what..." and then immediately accepting it for no reason. I then go down an elevator and then some random stuff happens. One second I was in a place I can't really describe easily. Dr. Zoidberg was there, and the other place was what felt like a metal gear style stealth mission in a train yard.
So I think my self in dream state likes anime a bit too much and has an infinite supply of acid to trip out on.
I actually can't remember the third dream now... RIP.


begins imagining what interacting with Ketros on acid would be like...


So here’s a longish and weird and embarrassing one. I’ve always loved how dreams make their own rules, like their own little worlds. In this particular dream, I was having lunch with my friends (already a departure from reality by the way) when suddenly if it ain’t my boy Sonic the Hedgehog who comes zooming by. So I have got go after him, right? Right? So of course I chase after him –jumpcut to rooftop because all my dreams are half in first-person and half loose mental images shot like a movie – and the two of us start grinding on the railings of the town. It’s basically Sunset Overdrive from this point on. We grind on railings and telephone wires, defying even the most principle laws of physics while moving throughout the city (I live very far from any city in reality). And I desperately lean forward and overtake Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s a moment of victory. Also, apparently this was a race, because there’s a nondescript building’s roof that for some reason, I KNOW in my mind, is the finish line. However, just as I pass out the spikey nemesis, Eggman knocked me off-balance with some flying machine thing. Sonic won the race, and I finished and walked over to him. He said, “Gotta go fast; you’re too slow!”

Know what? Know what?! I had had enough of this stupid hedgehog. He’s overrated, has at most two good games, he won the stupid race, and now he’s bragging! So you know what? I’m going to spit at this blue menace. I walk over to him, raise my chin, grimace, summon it from the back of my throat and full force spit right as I wake up… It slowly dribbled out of my mouth in reality and down the side of my cheek in a gooey, physical realization of the shame of my loss. I wiped it away and lay in bed for the next half hour, analysing it. Took it down after I got up so I’d remember it. So that’s the whole story about how I was defeated and shamed by Sonic the Hedgehog.