Tell Me About Your Dreams

For a normal person, that would be really weird..but for you...

How in the heck did your brain do that!?!

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TMI :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Well, you know I have real bad sleeping problems, so whatever sleep I get is quite literally restless. While sleeping, I'm constantly moving and stuff. Not just tossing and turning but like doing hand motions and thrashing about, so it didn't surprise me too much. I'm just happy I seem to not get nightmares.

I get you, but I got wrapped up in my retelling :stuck_out_tongue:


I had a dream that my next semester of class included an at-home course on...get this, Jontron. Clear sign I've been watching too much of his stuff.

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So I had this dream where I was in a parking lot with my friends, and suddenly we're all in a car, and one of my friends is driving.
No one there was even old enough for a permit.
We drive around in the parking lot, then we crash into a tree.
In the middle of a parking lot. Actually growing out of a parking spot.
So we cut to the hospital, and it turns out that no one died, and the only injuries were identical fractures of the leg. I was fine, but then I cut to myself at some party or something, and I jump off a porch, and my leg flares in pain. Then I wake up.
I have no idea...

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I dreamed that there a new Batman Animated Movie with Superman driving the Batmoblie, and Jamie from Mythbusters voice Batman.


I had a dream where my dad was trying to make me throw out a RTS Windcharger, TR Blurr, Generations Doubledealer and a Universe Prowl.

I just remembered a few dreams I had when I was a kid;

One dream involved me being in some type of Spider Man 2 setting (that familar yellow sunset) standing on the top of a tower in what appears to be New York City...I can't remember anything vividly because it was a long time ago but I remember the details enough because the dream was very memorable for me. For some reason I was going to jump off the tower, but then I woke up, and ended up being at the edge of the bed rather than being in the part of the bed that I originally slept on.

Another dream involved me eating a Hershey's chocolate bar in my bed, and a Tarantula simply crawled out of the chocolate bar that I was about to eat, pouncing on my face. I was screaming and I woke up crying. XD


I had a dream that was like an action movie.

So there were these two guys who I'm going to call Max and Steel. They were bad guys who were trying to find a way to destroy the city, but they had to watch out for the hero. Max also had a weird haircut.

So there was this girl who I'm going to call Bella that was trying to join some sort of agency, but these people wouldn't let her. But after she sneaks in they have no choice but to accept her. They were about to go fight Max and Steel before I woke up.

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I dreamt that my local arcade got a Gal Gun cabinet.
I don't even know if that game has an arcade version.

Well in the morning im going to tell you about the nightmare im going to have


The other night, I had a dream where I went to a Lowes-like store, and I went to where the toys were.
Apparently, the aisles twere marked with the years of when the toys within said aisles were from.
I went to the LEGO aisles of the years 2001-09, and I found BIONICLE sets that costed at least 20% less of what they were when originally on the shelves.
You'd better believe that I went on a BIONICLE shopping spree! :wink:


I had a dream where I had a beard and my friend would shoot me if didn't shave it off.

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Alright this dream may get a little weird. If you are weird out easily don't read this. /s

So I was watching this movie called Spirit Shark and soon after I was watching a Nostalgia Critic review of Freddy vs Spirit Shark and he was reviewing it during a dodge ball game.

Then for no reason I was in Freddy vs Pinhead. And Pinhead was blending people up with a helicopter and the only way to not die is to be signed to Google+. It was very gross. Then Freddy came and they both started fighting in a stadium and I ran outside it only to see my sister in a car. Apparently you can sign up for Google+ in a car and you have to pay for it.

Then for no reason what so ever I started watching High School Musical.

I told you it was weird.


I had a short dream in which this girl I like was having me and a few other guys playing card game. For some reason the only thing I remember is that she somehow had this one detail that she didn't have in real life that I can't talk about here.

Then I had a dream in which I befriend two free loaders who lived in my house-one named Daniel and one named Kat. and Kat was laying on the floor, for some reason (I don't think I can talk about what she had on.) each day one of them was missing, who depends on the day.

Then Kat's father (Who was Gyro Zeppli for some reason) made her leave and Daniel and I were all alone, and I think that was the point I woke up.

I hate it when I have text missing

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so i few weeks ago i had a dream that lego released one last final wave of bionicle sets

the sets were all trash (like good guy level), but on the back of all the boxes, it said in bold letters

"We're sorry for messing up the ending of Bionicle."

rip me


When I was little, I had a dream about being in some sort of factory. I was on an escalator with an origami Wall-E who kept running into the step in front of him. Eventually he hit the step so hard that he unfolded and became a normal sheet of paper. :stuck_out_tongue: Next, I was on a conveyor belt with some more origami Wall-E things. I fell off, and for a few seconds, my vision was split vertically, with the dream on one side, and my room on the other. Then I woke up, and saw that one part of my room I saw in the dream.

We go from 100% dream

to 50% dream, 50% room

To 100% room.

What a segue. :stuck_out_tongue:


Last night I had a dream in which my friends dragged me to a sports game that was so boring I feel asleep. Oh and for some reason there were two McDonalds burgers in front of me.

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I had a dream the other night about ordering a pizza and medium garlic fingers (I like food, okay? :stuck_out_tongue: ). However, making this order somehow gave all my personal information to the pizza guy. I was like "Great, now I gotta change all my info so the pizza guy doesn't steal my identity or something. at least I'm getting pizza."

So I waited.

And waited.

And then I woke up.

And I never got the pizza or the medium garlic fingers.