Tell me who you want to see in my next story!

So if you know me, you know that I am a big fan of crossovers. I love them! My favourite movies are crossovers. I also even wrote a Marvel/DC crossover here on the Message Boards! But since I’ve wrote that, I accumulated more experience and I can say that I am a better writer.
A few days ago I had this idea: what if I would try to make a crossover between more franchises? More than just two. So here is my idea: I want you guys to suggest every character that you would want to see in a crossover like this. You can suggest everything! From Marvel to DC. From Transformers to Bionicle. From cartoons to animes. From book characters to real-life persons. From myths to legends. From well-known personalities to memes. From geniuses to dumb-heads. Everything!
I am so curious if I can do a story like this, with characters suggested only by you! I can’t wait to see your suggestions.

Suggestions so far:

Thank for reading! See you soon.

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Transformers plus star bionicle

No, I asked for the characters you want to see in the story.

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Oh, sorry.

No problem.

Uh, Charlemagne.

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Ok, here we go.

Optimus Prime, The original bionicle toa, the main cast of the original Star Wars trilogy…

Maybe a few other Autobots and Decepticons.
You get the idea, though.

Reynauld from Darkest Dungeon.

he must purge every last heretic

sans undertale plz



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Can I get more info about them?

Gorino Giovanna.

You forgot c3po and r2d2

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Who is he?

He was the German Holy Roman Emperor in the medieval era.


Well this is what I call random.

First name I could think of.

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Gorino Giovanna is a Italian kid with a dream to become a gang-star so that he can stop the crime gangs from selling drugs to children.

This actually exists?