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so we were talking about a Telltale Bionicle game and this is one of the decisions
Quick, Tahu is dying, Kopaka is in a loosing battle against Makuta, Lewa has been Krana'd, Onua is loosing his fight against Lewa, Gali is about to be impaled by LOSS, and Pohatu is getting grind-ed by Skull Grinder, who do you save?
Answer and then feel free to make your own decisions that I WILL answer
HINT: You CAN save them all


I'm torn. On the one hand, knocking the Krana off Lewa would save two Toa with one stone(literally, if you're the Stone Protector). On the other hand, then Gali might die, and I'm sure she could heal Tahu.

I know how to save them all, though I will not tell until a decision has been made

Once Lewa and Onua are free, then all three of you save the other Toa? stuck_out_tongue

that's one way, but the order of it is important

I'm guessing that you would have to save Gali first, because if you chose anyone else, she would get impaled first.
Pohatu is the strongest of the group, I'm guessing that he can hold out while you help Onua free Lewa. And as that is happening, Gali is healing Tahu.
After Lewa is free, either Onua or Lewa can go for Pohatu, and the other can go for Kopaka.

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you're forgetting Makuta and Kopaka

After all the Toa are free, then fight Makuta?

While I wouldn't want to see TellTale killing off main characters, alternate universe or not, it would be amazing to have a Bionicle point and click game based on the Mata-Virse made by TellTale.


I'm just messing with people's heads, what is the way you think you could save them all?

Or alternatively, instead of going straight for Onua, since him and Pohatu are the strongest of the team, they can probably hold off a little longer.
So you go for Kopaka and beat Makuta, THEN you go for Onua and Lewa, and then to Pohatu.

What about a game centered around one of the wars that occurred during the early history of the MU? That would allow for some creative freedom.

would you like to know how to save them all guys?

I would like to know, I'm not sure if anyone else would like to take a swing at guessing it, though,

THAT could be cool, like I said, come up with your own decisions, I will answer them

That would be perfect, I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard for someone to write a linear story like that with various choices.


Just out of curiosity, what are our abilities in this scenario? Since I brought it up, I'll suggest we're some powerless Protector, but still someone who can fight.

yeah we are just a protector cough cough protector of chronicles cough cough


What if we're the PoF's son who is sucked into all this mess like Clementine from The Walking Dead?

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Since it would supposedly be made by TellTale, it'd be a point and click-style game and heavily story based. That means the only fighting would be either in cutscenes or in quick time events.