Temporal Teridax and Temporal Takanuva

Originally, these were supposed to be my best efforts at making my own copies of the characters as I do not own either in any rendition of sets, but they looked variants of the characters by the time I had finished them, so I decided they would be the famous rivals mutated by a freak time-travel accident.

As you can see, Teridax got beefier and Takanuva simply blended elements of the original mata/nuva build with some G2 parts, new arms and legs, and no intrusive gear gimmick.

I don’t have much to say about Takanuva. I tried to keep him simple by improving on the old build. Because I don’t have the Kanohi Avohkii in any color, I gave him a gold G2 Hau. He also features a Vahki spear as the blade on his staff, white bohrok feet (all I had remotely close to Kopaka’s feet) and Pohatu’s legs as his arms.
I’m not totally happy with Teridax as he doesn’t resemble his character as clearly as Takanuva does his, hence why I decided they’d be mutated time-variants. As a stand alone figure, he’s alright, but the shoulders only go up and down, and the tires on the upper legs look dumb to me, but I had nothing better to put on. Also, I couldn’t do anything with the plain Rahkshi head to make him look more like Teridax but again, it’s a variant. Point being, fire away on this one and help me make it look better.Obligatory battle shot!

Now for something completely different!

Fight me like a man!

Do you see the resemblance as well as I do, or do these share nothing with the originals? Whatever you have to say, leave em’ in the replies and I might get back to you with a reply of my own, if I see fit anyway. Thanks for checking it out!


Both of their limbs and head doesn’t blend well and Takanuva looks more boring than Teridax tbh-

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