Teramur - Toa of Magnetism

This is my self MOC, Teramur, I’ve been working on this MOC since I started building with this system in the first place. Back then I could only use a standard Inika build, I’ve come a long way.

Back View - The whole build is based off of an Inika torso, like quite a few of my MOCs.

Posed with his sword

Over the years, I’ve gone through a lot of different weapons for him, before finally settling in this one. Here’s a couple of the other weapons, or things similar to them, that I still have.

Thanks for taking a look at my MOC, I’d appreciate some criticism and tips on how to improve.


Needs more color. Maybe hints if red. It just seems empty


Yeah, I’d tried putting a secondary colour, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it organically. Any suggestions?

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Maya red spikes in the smallest size? I don’t got much

That’s fair, there aren’t all that many red detail pieces i can think of. I remember him having a trans-red heartlight, but I’m not sure where it ended up.

I’m a really big fan of this moc, although I think it needs more colour. The build is very interesting reminds me of reaper.

Do you mind if I use one of those weapon designs for my self moc?

I like the build, and I agree with the general consensus that it could use an accent color. However, I really like the weapons.

I wouldn’t mind at all. I can make instructions for them if you’d like.

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Thanks for the generosity but I build the 2 I liked the most from the picture at the bottom, and I must they are amazing! I had the long blade as my self mocs sword and it didn’t look right but with your design it looks great, thanks!

Cool moc, the waist coat is great and the sword that you have now fits him best imo, the cross guard on the sword could use use something on the ends to fill in the axel holes, but it might look weird.