Teridax and other makuta may still be alive

alright, i get that these are some out there theories but hear me out. as of the series end miserix was supposedly the only remaining makuta(i personally never liked that and liked to think there were still others). my personal headcanon is that some knew teridax would betray them after becoming a god and went deep into hiding to survive.

anyway, some looking around on the boards and other places has given me some other more valid ideas. as i saw someone suggest on another discussion, the zamor spheres the piraka used were of teridax’s antidermis. though he is considered dead after the great spirit robot fight, technically if any of those zamor spheres survived, would that mean a small part of him did and he could potentially reconstitute himself. no idea if the zamor would have been rendered inert by his death or if their energy remained active if separated from him

also, according to the wikis, it is unknown if antidermis beings were capable of being revived on the red star. if we assume they can be(why not, they were created by mata nui within the great spirit robot) than if any died prior to the makuta becoming energy beings, and thus still had normal biomechanical bodies, than logically they would still live and be there. they would likely also include the 5 makuta who were executed for standing with miserix

anyone else think theres any validity to these theories?


These theories make varying degrees of sense.

This could be possible. While Teridax would have tracked any Makuta down if they simply fled as soon as he completed The Plan, they might have stood a chance if they straight-up faked their deaths early on, and did so without letting on that they were hiding from Teridax so as to avoid suspicion. Whether or not this happened depends on if any other Makuta were cunning enough to figure out what was going to happen before it was obvious, and we know that Teridax went to great lengths to prevent that.

This one, I’m a little less sure about the possibility of. For starters, it seems very unlikely that any Zamor Spheres survived Voya Nui’s return to the Southern Continent. While Teridax could, hypothetically, have held that tiny portion of Antidermis together after a Sphere shattered, it is unlikely that he was devoting willpower to doing that when he was learning to control the Matoran Universe.

Because they were made of Antidermis, not Protodermis.

This isn’t necessarily true. If the Makuta were killed in sure a way that their mind couldn’t be retrieved, they would be permanently dead.

However, even if we assume that the Red Star actually does revive Antidermis-based beings, and that the Makuta actually could be revived, there is no guarantee that they are still functional. It has been said that the Makuta would often kill their opponents in such brutal ways that they would have no thought of attacking the Makuta again once they came back, so I can’t imagine what kind of unfixable mental damage Teridax inflicted upon those Makuta that sided with Miserix (which would also be compounded by the already-broken revival tech aboard the Red Star).


i feel like most all the mukata were wise enough to anticipate treachery at all times from anybody(as u said, look at what teridax did to the ones at karda nui). my hypothesis is that despite his great shows of control and boasts, teridex did not have the full control of the matoran universe he could have had. i feel like between all the mental/will of controlling it and being aware of the larger events and goings on within it, some makuta who hid themselves well enough would not be sensed/detected by him.

from what I looked up, it is not ironclad whether antidermis cant be restored on the red star, after all, it was originally a byproduct of protodermis creation. here is the note at the bottom of the BS1 page on it
" Initially, Greg Farshtey had said that Makuta could not be revived after their evolution into gas, since the Red Star requires a physical body, but prior to their evolution, Makuta would have been revived. Later, Farshtey said that beings of Antidermis cannot be revived at all. Other statements are ambiguous."
so like other bits of the lore, it may be up to personal interpretation since we dont have a solid answer, meaning there is a chance of this.

a fair point, i’d forgot that detail. did the makuta even know about the red star i wonder? still, its still a slim possibility some of those 5 made it. and as i said, there is still the chance of any makuta who died by other means before the energy evolution could be up there

like i said, these theories are kinda out there and obviously have plenty of holes but i just like to think there are still some makuta out there


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As that one April’s Fools Farshtey Feed said back in the day: “Don’t be silly, Makuta don’t make Horcruxes.”


Or do they?


Makuta Voldemort is the Makuta of Scotland


It would make sense that post-evolution Makuta can’t be revived on the Red Star because the gaseous Antidermis is all they are, and dissipating or otherwise destroying it is the only way we’ve seen them killed. That leaves nothing to repair or revive, just a protosteel shell.