Teridax HF Build System Practice MoC

I figured I would play around a bit with the HF build system to familiarize myself with it. This is what came out of that.

The picture lighting was not all that great, but I am really proud of it. (I edited the last image.) Enjoy!


I think the Humanoid shape is...too prevalent.

Recall the movies, or the 03 set, where his legs had more of a demonic, or animalistic shape.

Adding another armored bone between the one with the foot, and the thigh bone would replicate that okay, or alternatively, you could add the bone between the foot and shin.


Thanks for the advice! I am currently working on some other less human versions of this.

To be fair, he/she is still practicing. You can't call for anything too advanced. If you gave me the hero factory build, it'd probably wind up similar to this.


I understand that. Sorry if I came off kinda douc-right. PG, uh...sorry if I came off as something of a Tool. Didn't mean anything by it.

I just sorta wanted to y'know, give advice, 'cause it's not that difficult a change to make, but it realy makes a big difference in the silhouette.

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He. And I'm okay with criticism. It is the only way to get better.

Bit generic at the moment, but has potential. Definitely the extra leg piece idea. Maybe make him a bit more asymmetrical as well, just to make the silhouette a bit more interesting.

Pretty good to start off with. I think he could use some more bulk. But overall the simplicity works out.


I'm assuming that you have a very limited amount of new system parts. If that's the case, then you make a good use of them, especially the armor layering on the chest.

This is just me, but it bothers me when the Kraahkan is oriented in the position that you put it in. Out of curiosity, I'd like to see it using the other face to determine if that small bias is affecting my perception of the moc in any way.

Anyways, as a first "hf" build, not bad!


Thanks for the idea. I don't have a whole lot of the HF system parts. I previously made a MoC out of Jaw Beast and the Furno Jet Machine, which was inspired by a more technic-based build.

So, I got some pictures to demo my point about the legs and silhouette.

This is some generic HF build with a kinda cool looking head.(If you see the gunmetal as a hood, the gold as a facemask, and the trans-green as an eye, it looks kinda ninja-like.

These are the pieces I will be adding to the legs.

It makes quite the difference, I'd say.

So yeah, hope you can see what I mean.

Then for fun, I added a bunch of these blade pieces.

I think it's goofy, but kinda cool 8D


This time, Teridax takes on a form inspired by his 03 Mask of Light appearance.

Once again, the last photo has been edited. Enjoy!


I think the face used this time looks better, just on the mask in general, but the sheer wideness of his legs vs. his arms is just...awkward looking. Good use of armor and covering, and cool experimenting with the bones.

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Thanks! How did you build the mask on the gold figure you showed previously?

Lemme get you some pics.


Thanks. I'll have to try that out.

Go for it, can't wait to see what you come up with. ^^

Just make sure to give credit, all that jazz.

EDIT: Please note that the 5 long armor does indeed work with this design, it just results in a longer face. The eye piece armor must be a 3 long, though.

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Look who gained a few pounds!


This is a really cool redesign. I know it's simple and all, but still! I like it. smile


Another MoC based on the 03 set. The shoulders are good, the legs... I don't know. They're still interesting.

As before, the last image is edited. Enjoy!


Hmm....I think that the way the shins are connected, restricting movement kinda hampers the MOC, looking at it.

Shoulders are indeed epic, though.