Teridax Questions

Does Teridax retain mass? For instance, in his Matoran and Vortex forms, was he the same weight as in his Titan form?

How long does it take for Makuta to regenerate? It says on BS01 that the Titan form was just as powerful as the Winged Titan form (sans wings, obviously); however, Teridax created a ton of krata to infect masks during the time between Time Trap and Mask of Light (which is presumably the reason that the Toa Mata could defeat his Vortex form: he was weakened). Did it only take the short time of the Bohrok (and Kal) war for him to get back to full power?

Why did Teridax create new krata to fight the Toa Nuva? Couldn’t he have just called back some of the krata who he had infect the masks? It feels like at least one of those could’ve had more useful powers than the six he ended up sending (Gravity, Insect control, etc.)

Why did Teridax focus on Mata Nui after the Great Rescue, instead of going back and taking Metru Nui? It’s been shown that he could beat Keetongu in a fight, and I doubt the Rahaga or Dume would’ve been much of a threat.

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  1. No
  2. Don’t have this information
  3. Because we didn’t want to spend time in story showing kraata returning from infecting masks. We also had to consider that some of the people reading the Nuva story might not have been around for 2001 story.
  4. Because he did not want the Matoran back in Metru Nui until his plan called for that.