Teridax, Toa of Shadows

While doing reconnaissance to find the Mask of Life, Korva saw an unusual toa running from a group of Vahki. This was in the middle of a heavily guarded complex, so it was surprising that another toa would manage to get in alive, much less running for their life. Korva only managed it with his kanohi Huna, and was still struggling at best. Intrigued, he pursued after them.

Slowly trailing behind the Vahki, observing from a dark hallway, he was confused when they suddenly stopped. If they noticed him, they would have surely attacked him by now. Instead they looked just as confused as he was. Looking closer, the other Toa was gone, no person, no dead body. Out of nowhere, he heard a voice, "Uhh... are they gone?".

Startled, Korva quickly turned around and brought up his Zamor rifle. The Toa was female, and wore black and red armor. He began to question her. "Who are you? And how did you get behind me?". The Toa passively backed up and explained herself. "No need for alarm. From the looks of things, you are just as hunted as I am. My name is Teridax, Toa of Shadows".

Known as "Teri" by her new, albeit slightly skeptical allies, she is a Toa of Shadows from an alternate universe. Or rather, "the" Toa of Shadows, as she is the universe's version of Takanuva. Compared with the prime reality, the roles of Light and Shadow are switched, along with the names and genders of the universe's important figures. During a battle with her universe's Olmak user, she was sent to the prime reality in the middle of a Vahki manufacturing plant.

Teri has a personality similar to Takanuva, though the nature of her new surroundings is having an effect on her morality, slowly turning her evil to fit in with the role her element is supposed to have here. She has the willpower to curb these urges, but she can only do so much. She has decided to help the Toa on their mission in hopes that they can help her find the Olmak and return to mend the damages from her absence, and to keep her from going insane in her new environment.

She uses a Staff of Shadows and wears a Kanohi Kraahkan. In her universe, the Kraahkan is in the shape of a Great Ruru.

Inspired by legomaster1378's creations, I used a modified metru-build for this one. The shoulders are connected with ball joints, so they have a lot more articulation. The right arm has a gear function, which can be locked by pushing back an axle and attaching a gear. As is probably obvious, the shoulders use an illegal method, attaching the black piece to the arm with small cording. I did this to bring the rope aesthetic from the netting to the other parts of the MOC, and I think it worked okay. The wrist tires are also illegal, tires from a die cast or something, but the ankle tires are lego. I might decide to replace the Ruru with an actual Kraahkan, but I don't have one, and I kinda like the look of the Ruru.

Lessons learned from these pictures:
1. Sheets are squishy when you don't unfold them.
2. Sheets have creases.
3. I really need a new tripod...

Probably going to take new pictures, as these ones turned out a bit blurry. I got fed up with the tripod, but boxes on a desk chair and a camera aren't the best replacement.


Turaga Nuva


She looks really cool! The upper arms look a little odd though, but it's just a minor nitpick

I never thought that there could be a mistress of shadows on the light side.

the arms look kind of weird but the rest is pretty cool and I love the skirt thing

It looks very interesting. The dark red and black really work well together

This is really good. I like how it was done with the Metru torso, yet still looks unique.

get hype for Takanuva Makuta of Light

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I'm sorry but all that is going through my mind right now is "Whenua's turn to the dark side and to the female gender" Cause that's what it looks like. It's a nice MOC nonetheless.

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I like it, but you should've stuck with the Kraahkaan.

Pretty much. Imagine how hard it would be for them to figure out what is different between their dimensions.

"So, your Takanuva is our Teridax... wait, you are our Takanuva... or rather, your light being is our dark being... I think. This is confusing." In her perspective, this would all be vice versa.

And what if the names of the Toa Mata and the Rahkshi were switched? The elements would be Tu-, Ku-, Gu-, Pa-, Vo- and... still Le-. Toa Turahk Dax? That would be confusing for the Lightning matoran, unles that is just Vol-.

Quest for the Seventh Toa, staring Teriva and... Hakann. Or Teriva and Kalmah?

Gu-Matoran, Vol-Matoran, Ce-Matoran... guys.

So many confusing combinations to choose from. rubs hands together


hmm, but is Teridax was a toa of shadows, who pretended to be Turaga Dume? Takanuva? And just who would Dume be?

so much confuse :sweat_smile:

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In the perspective of the prime reality, AKA the normal stuff, this Toa would be the equivalent of our Takanuva. Their search for the seventh Toa would yield a Toa of Shadows, which is what this toa is. Before that, the Matoran from of this Toa would be our equivalent of Takua, named Teriva as I mentioned. Their Takanuva would be the equivalent of our Teridax. Their Takanuva would be the one impersonating Dume, not this Toa. Whether or not he is still called Dume, shrug. Perhaps Nidhiki?

And since other things switch, their Takanuva would be female, along with "Dume", just like this toa. Their Takanuva would still be light, but again, light is evil in their universe.

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Interesting. The overall take on the MOC, the backstory, all very unique.

Some of you mentioned that the shoulders look a little odd. What do you think would be a good replacement for it? I was going to use Metru shoulder armor at first, but I thought it would have looked a little too bulky. And I don't have any black versions of the double ball joint piece.

I really like the moc and the backstory. Maybe a Mask of Shadows would work better, though.

I don't really like the look of the chin-hole side, but then again I have never really liked that side to begin with. Same with Vezon's version of the MoL. The other side looks pretty good, but pretty sinister. Should it be sinister? IDK. And I don't feel much of a need to make it look similar to Makuta Teridax, as they only share the name and element. The characters themselves are complete opposites. She's less of a Melding Universe Teridax and more of a wonky Takanuva.

If anything, I think a black avohkii would make more sense. Then their takanuva would have one of those gold Kraahkans.

Probably better in person, but I still like the Ruru.


It looks good, but the arms are too long and they could use a little more armor on the top.

that black Avohkii is the best thing ever

but the Ruru is ok too

I guess I could do the Avohkii black just to see how it looks. If all else fails, I could make a Shadow Takanuva MOC, or maybe try to sell it.

Old damaged mask + black paint + fine sand paper = Black avohkii. The
first painted mask I have done, and I think it turned out ok. Could be
improved, though.

I'll post some pics with the mask on soon. The first batch of photos were a bit blurry.