Teridax's Rahi Speciality?

What kind of Rahi did Teridax focus on making? I know he created the Water Wraith, but did he focus on sea life or not? Did he create the Rahi that the Rahi Nui was composed of? Are there any other Rahi we see in canon that he created?


For that matter, what did Antroz and the other Makuta the Toa Nuva fought in Karda Nui specialize in (not counting Chirox and Mutran, since we already know about their creations)?

There’s a popular headcanon going on among my friends that Teridax was responsible for crustaceans - hence the Manas in Mangaia protecting his chamber. It’s a plausible theory, but it’s only a headcanon. I wonder what Greg has to say on the matter.


I definitely could see Teridax preferring his own creations to guard his lairs. (And as creator of crustaceans, wouldn’t that mean he personally created Takua’s trusty friend Pewku? That’d be a fun twist. :stuck_out_tongue:)

I also think there’s a good chance Teridax created the majority of the wildlife that menaced the Matoran on Mata Nui. Since Teridax was assigned to Metru Nui it makes sense he’d be the one charged with populating the city with Rahi and replenishing their numbers. (After all, Rahi can’t reproduce themselves.) I also very much agree that Teridax being the creator of the Rahi Nui points to him being directly responsible for the 2001 Rahi. Knowing how prideful he is, I don’t see him using other Makuta’s Rahi designs for his own experiments.


Pewku, and other Ussals, and other crab species yeah. :smiley:

I remember hearing Greg say once that it was never considered or thought of what Terry’s speciality was.

This sounds suspiciously fitting as to the sort of answer that Greg would give. I’d love to hear any more detail, though.

Would Makuta who aren’t interested enough in Rahi to become full-time Rahi creators specialize in any particular sort of Rahi, though? Even Chirox and Mutran only specialized in a certain kind of Rahi if you count “ill-tempered-and-far-too-dangerous-to-be-sensible” as one.

I personally believe there are four kinds of Makuta in terms of Rahi creation:

  1. Those that really like a very certain kind of Rahi - Miserix and Kojol for example

  2. Those that create what they deem interesting at the moment, sometimes simply for the sake of it - Chirox and Mutran for example

  3. Those that create only what they need at the moment - I’d put Teridax here

  4. Those that aren’t interested enough in Rahi creation to bother with it if they don’t have to - mostly warriors like Icarax, Antroz and Gorast