let's talk about the hot mess that went from the best and most awesome action movies to now a lame series that can't hold a plot twist


The issue I always found with Terminator is that it never seemed to figure out what it was trying to be. The first film was noticeably along the lines of sci-fi action horror. The next two films devolved into sci-fi action popcorn flicks and Salvation just tried to throw in a post-apocalyptic plotline.

Genesis seems to be rehashing the plotlines, villains and well most of it feels a bit weakened... its ruined its one of its biggest plot twist in the second trailer That John Connor has seemingly become a Cyborg and has sided with the machines and the other That Matt Smith's character may be playing a personification of Skynet was ruined in a magazine a few months back


I saw about half or two thirds of the first one on TV once. Tbh...it wasn't really my thing. It felt really formulaic to me: Sarah and Kyle would get chased by the Terminator for once scene, then they have an exposition or character scene, then another chase/action scene would start right when they were done talking, and so on. The time travel twist was cool, though I'm not sure if it totally makes sense (then again, time travel plots never do. stuck_out_tongue )

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I've barely watched any of this series. The only ones I've watched fully was Terminator 2 and Salvation (which wasn't very good). I really liked the second one, mostly because I liked the action and fun it was. (Plus, Schwarzenegger has a few cool one-liners.)


Yes, one of the reasons I watch these movies. (and IRL people say I can do a good Austrian accent)