Terora: Lord of the Waters

Continuing my quest of redesign my three oldest mocs, I introduce Terora Lord of all waters.

All that live in the oceans, lakes and rivers fall under his domain. Terora is said to be the wises of his three siblings, and prefers not to get in between Chaotix and Shadah "petty" squabbles. However if he's forced to take a side he will choose to take his brothers side as this usually causes less headaches. One such time Chaotix had him flood an entire region in hopes to wipe out a people that had "stolen the sacred flame". Just before he unleashed his flood water, he sent warning to his sister Shadah, she was able to intervene and save a small tribe just in time.

Once again any and all feed back is much a appreciated.


Looks cool, especially the weapon

The pictures aren't the best quality, but it still looks quite cool. I like the back armor.

Cool MOC. It's kinda cluttered, but I like the back and weapon. Keep it up!

He looks good. The two types of blue used are a good combination

cool, but a bit messy looking

He is very blue.

I got to admit this looks pretty great.
Though the different shades of blue mixed in look weird.