Terra-Baxx - Legendary Galactic Scavenger

A curious creature who roams nomadically through the cosmos, appearing at the most fortuitous moments in history. He always seems to teleport in precisely when a battle ends, perfectly timed to loot all of the riches left by behind in the destruction. Terra-baxx is a legendary scavenger, and as a result he has developed a reputation for possessing the rarest, most valuable treasures in the universe. His collection of artifacts goes back so many millenia, that many suspect Terra-baxx to be nearly as old as the galaxy itself.

Possessing all of those invaluable, technological treasures makes him a perpetual target. And he finds himself constantly on the run from Ferro-Schiss and his evil sidekick, Zorglonn. Fortunately he is as elusive as he is old, and always seems to be several steps ahead of his deadly pursuers.

Note that while all those sharp protrusions from his body look like lethal blade weapons, they are actually nothing more than his ultra-advanced sensory antenna. With those sensors pointing in virtually every direction, his suit can triangulate the tiniest of treasures under huge heaps of rubble from miles away.

Terra-baxx is one of the uglier looking creatures you’ll come across out there in the void of space. But his appearance belies his friendly, pacifist nature. His primary purpose in life is to collect and preserve the amazing rarities that would otherwise be lost in the wake of war.


What are those lower leg armor pieces from? I’ve never seen them before


They’re pretty cool right? I found them here on Bricklink. They from an old series called Knights Kingdom. Even though they’re old, they’re not rare. There are several sellers listing them for < $.05 apiece right now in the US!

I love this MOC, and I love his backstory.
Although given his apparent ugliness, I think you should re-do the legs and make them bow-legged or triple-jointed.

Thanks Yveran! And that’s not a bad suggestion at all. If I could have a do-over, I would definitely re-vamp the upper legs. Unfortunately he’s already been disassembled and all the parts are back in my bins. He only lives on in digital form.

Well, Rip. You will be missed, Terra-Baxx.

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I like the legs.

I like this a lot, but what appears to be a lack of proper knee articulation bugs me.

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Indeed. Legs are definitely a sore spot for me. I like the Knights armor pieces, but I didn’t do a great job of matching the cool lower legs to a solid upper leg.

looks really unique (in a good way). love the bulk, love the trans blue, but I think the uper legs should be a smidge longer and wider.

I know what knights kingdom is because I had some of the action figures from the first wave of knights kingdom ||

I’m not really getting scavenger vibes out of this, though it would be an amazing knight MOC!

Man, though! He’s pretty cool! I like the usage of the Takadox head here! :smiley:

Wow man great back story really goes along with the whole moc.

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Love the fingers and the colors! Great work!

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hey that’s mean, it looks pretty nice… but the upper leg is a little bit… skinny, you know your leg is skinny when you can see the bones

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His legs don’t really fit that much IMO, and the torso shape looks odd (on him at least). Really like the rest of him though.

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I really like the color scheme.

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