Terra the Assassin

This is a moc I recently finished. I know a lot of people don’t like the no-face thing and it’s pretty used up by now. I don’t have a story for or anything like that. Enjoy.

Here is how the torso is constructed.




Pretty cool, I like the torso design.

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Man, I sure love those lower legs.

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now i’m not requesting a Jessica rabbit looking moc but the arms are way too small for that torso, disproportionate to say. I can say maybe its how far the chest sticks out or how wide the body is but in all, it just looks awkward. I honestly dig that smexy sniper design and that interesting sword but yet I cant stop looking at those arms, there are only a few poses that save those arms. Other than that I’m pretty fine with everything else I see, good job.

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Yeah, when I build arms they either work out really well or they don’t work at all. This is the best design out of all the ones I tried. Thanks for the input.

I really like the torso, and I really like the limbs, but they don’t match at all, aside from that, the feet are painfully small, and yes, I don’t like the no-face.

My advice tbh, make larger more organically shaped limbs for the torso, and make a slim more robotic body for the limbs, as I feel it would be a waste to abandon either design.


gaps near the knees too much dark colours, tiny feet

but the build is cool

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This is awesome

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The feet look really small due to the camera angle. The proportions are pretty accurate to human anatomy.

Reminds me of Nova from Starcraft in an odd way. Some weiiiird hybrid of Nova and Rey…

This looks pretty great! I like how armored it looks, and the face-plate works well when you think of it as a visor.

Very interesting.

I like the overall build, but the head almost seems too thin to me. I’m not sure what it is, it looks fine at some angles and weird at others.

Really cool MOC you got there!:slight_smile:

This guy looks very athletic and he has very very good proportios. Also a very nice colour scheme!

the feet are too small. also try building this up in Extended LDD and try using a black Breez head. i think that would work more than having no face

Cool, I always like those mask/screen faces.

Love that head design! I’m not usually a fan of that style but it words super well for a “faceless assassin” type character. Sniper is sweet (again, I’m not usually a fan of ballistic firearms in BIONICLE but it works well for a character like this that’s outside of G1 canon). Very interesting and unique build though I feel like some of the colors aren’t distributed as well as they could be. Are you planning on a V2?

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Maybe in the future, but I’m not planning on it.

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