Terra Toa of Jungle

Yes I know the 2015 Lewa is Toa/ Master of Jungle, but my girlfriend's MLP OC has part jungle in her so yea, here it is Terra Toa of Jungle.
Her weapons are a Vine Whip and a Bamboo Axe, different browns and greens to make that tree look and the white is accent or to act as Bone showing through.

Hope you like it, more my style toa to come


What's with that Y joint near his crotch!?

Suppose to be a groin cloth

Looks nice.

Sorry but when I saw the name terra I thought it would be a Toa of earth

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I really like the build and colors here. It just screams jungle. The only things I think you should fix is the brown "loincloth" (because to be honest I would have never guessed what it was) and the wide midsection. Great work!

I did almost bought a starwars constration figure which had tan cloth

Looks nice, but

Yeah, I agree.
I mean, Terra actually means Earth.

but it also means size as well

I really like the look of this. The vines, colors and other little details really fit with the whole jungle vibe you seem to be going for.

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I don't know, I can't think of "Terra" without thinking of the Teen Titans Deuteragonist.

Nice! I agree with everyone...to most people "terra" means earth...

And you need a better loincloth.

But otherwise, this is dang solid, although the giant torso plate on the back looks really odd to me.

This is very nicely built!

i think it would be best if you changed the title of Terra to be Toa of the Jungle, because jungle isnt really an element