Terribad moc contest 1 voting

Convenient thing for looking at all the mocs

Convenient thing for voting

Vote away mah lads. and my the worst moc win!



You should do the @(person's name) thing to notify all the people who entered this contest

Also, someone is going to vote for themselves. There's no getting around it stuck_out_tongue

PS: When does the voting end?

PPS: I had a waffle for breakfast

PPS: Raisins

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Tiem to tip the sc@ls?

Pot8o brings the Territhunder!

(had to)

(Also, sorry I couldn't enter. Schedules and stuff.)

These are so awful! How will I ever choose??

Wait, was I actually disqualified? XD

Yes, because you entered more than one moc wink

The limit was two entires, and I believe I specified which of the two MOCs on the page were my actual entries.

It's because they weren't that terrible..just posting old Mocs of yours that don't live up to your current quality

The positive aspects of the MOCs in that post negate enough of that crappiness that the combined group has the approximate crappiness of two MOCs.

That's what you said. I don't think that counts stuck_out_tongue

Are you serious pot8o? They were quite terrible. expressionless
Ice... you're right, I suppose I didn't post that in the topic. But I did indicate it on the MOCpage, if that counts.

I'd say, compared to your current MOCs, they were terrible. You're just a level above everyone else, so even your terrible MOCs are better than ours.


Sorry I only looked over the MOCpage very briefly. Also, I quite like the mocs you made. They look pretty good to me smile

Again, the reason they are crap to you is mainly because you changed as a moccer, to your standards, these are piles of rubbish, to others, they look good..hell these Mocs are absolute crap compared to the new mocs you make
And to me they are..better then anything I try to make lol

Well uh... I severely doubt that my old crap is better than what you guys can make. I'll take a DQ though.
(It occurs to me that I probably sound rude by talking bad about MOCs that, I gather, you guys think are decent... sorry, that was not my intention at all.)

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Oh I will completely admit that my Mocs are rubbish

well, only one has the title of "the one that brings nightmares".

just saying. (seriously @pot8o, that alone made it worth entering.)


I mean, look at it
its 3vuhi- I mean spooki 5 me

Quite the opposite.

Compared to a lot of the message board goers, you have decent to good MOCing skills.

Maybe not as good as @Chro or some of the other legendaries, but hey! Some would consider you at least as good as me (although I have only been MOCing for nine months or so).

"the other legendaries"

Chro confirmed for Pokemon gen 7