A MOC for a fairly major character in my RoT story. Whenever that comes out. This is Terrick. He's a pretty good dude. Kinda melodramatic, though. His MOC's okay.

I like how he turned out, especially compared to his last version.

Lime Green, Dark Green, and a small central area of gold.

I like using Hordika heads on backs. I did it with Baronon too.

Not much from the side view, but meh.

Vs. Inika Build.

And this is his weapon, the White Spear. It doesn't match his colors or whatever in the slightest, and that is the intent. It's not a Toa Tool, just a weapon he uses.

And here's his old version from 2010. I was very happy to ditch all the silver with this go around.


Add more Pearl-Darkgold Plis :c (It looks soo Weird with only 2 dark-pearlgold pieces :L

He's pretty dang cool, and green.

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this is pretty kewl

I don't like the green HF pieces sticking out of the waist, but I can overlook it. wink

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