Terrus, Toa of Shadow V2

-- Be sure to check the bottom of this post to see if I have done any updates to this MOC --

Oh boy, this topic is going to be a pain to make...

Anyways, anyone remember this character of mine? http://fav.me/d8g3oyk

No? Well then go read the bio then. You've got time. Anyways, again, I said Terrus can transform into a toa for a brief period of time... somewhere along the line. I finally decided to properly MOC what that looks like and here it is, Terrus, Toa of Shadow:


I know, I know. I suppose I have to delve into part of the main story I am working on for this character. So The deal behind Terrus is that he is the FIRST natural Kra-Matoran that was created by a Makuta from Aqua Magna (who will be a major character) to help invade my planet. But due to the previously mentioned Makuta not being able to properly replicate the matoran creation process, the toa transformation abilities he intended can only be maintained for a limited amount of time. And obviously some shenanigans happened during the trip to earth that would cause Terrus to lose his memory.

And for those who have to been to my DA page a lot or follow me on DA: This story is a part of the William Multiverse Project, no advertising intended.

Anyways, let's get on to the build of Toa Terrus:

When I was making this, I said to myself "I am NOT using any Piraka or Inika torsos for this MOC." This began the 2 hour building session for this MOC. I had a hard time comming up with a custom body, so I looked towards Sidorak and Roodaka for inspiration. The armor was a pain and it ended up being simpler than I originally envisioned. And lastly, I was going to have an armor setup on the upper arms that used Kanohi Rhodes' as shoulder armor, but I couldn't make it work.

And the shield is something Terrus can summon. It serves to protect him when using shadow powers and he uses it for shield bashing just in case his opponent gets too close. And yes, that is one of the reasons why the right arm is different from the left arm. The other reason is that I think asymmetry (when done right) looks cool. You can also think of that arm having special armor on it.

I am surprised this neck contraption worked. It keeps his neck in place. And yes, I know the two parts are different colors. I don't know where the matching parts are at the moment, but I will find them. By the way, what do you guys think looks better? The light gray or the dark gray piece?

How about some extra pictures?

And here is a comparison between Toa and Matoran Terrus:

Why does Matoran Terrus have funky colors? It's a result of Terrus' creation. Like I said, the Makuta couldn't properly replicate the process to create a matoran.

And just for the fun of it, I decided to do a group photo with me, Cerranda, and Terrus:

And before I forget about this:
I bet you're wondering why this is Terrus V2... Well, this is why: http://fav.me/d8mpuo2

So as per usual, tell me what you guys think.

--Update 1--

People recomended I change up the right arm, so I did just that:

What? I didn't feel using my set up for something this simple. Anyways, I keeping this change, it looks cool.


You need some more armor on the torso, but other than that, it's pretty good

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I just realized something I could try, but I am going to have to wait until I can get more pins and axels.

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Those Shoulders must hurt

anyway he's alright

Not bad, but it does need some work. I think you should add some fat in these areas specifically and remove any parts where an X is shown:

Also I think you could put a HF 2.0 shield piece on his torso. While asymmetry is nice, here it looks just like a mismatched arm. I would consider changing this too or making the right arm fully metallic.

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It's a cool concept, and it doesn't look bad, but I agree with @SpookMeister that you should fill in the chest and shoulders some more.
Also, the colour scheme doesn't really strike me as shadow. Some purple or metru red mixed in with the black would have conveyed that better.

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I can definitely experiment with the torso... I wouldn't call it fat though. And could you explain why I should remove the visorak feet? I like how they look and don't want to remove them unless I absolutely have to.

I am deeply sorry, but I don't want to add HF parts onto this MOC. I'll still try it out if I can get some HF parts, but just keep in mind I'm a bit leery on this.

And the funny thing is that I actually have a silver version of that limb floating around in my box... I'll find it and add it in.

Like I said, I'll see what I can do. But we're going to have to wait until I can get some more parts (I'm a bit low on parts at the moment and this MOC ate up a good amount of them).

I don't know how I feel about this. Allow me to explain. To my knowledge, purple has only shown up in HF and Bionicle G2. This means I'd have to mix in CCBS. While I'm not against CCBS, I feel it would clash with the look of Terrus. Terrus is a G1 MOC and I want keep him looking like a G1 MOC. As for Metru red.... A lot of my MOCs use metru red. Also I feel adding in a secondary color would wreck the pure shadow look. But I will try out what you suggested and see how it looks.



The exposed techinc as well as the rather bland color scheme is a bit grating, but overall, I like the build.

And maybe I'ma bit biased because kakama, but hey, this is my opinion.


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Would it help If I said I'm planning to have Terrus be able to use different masks like the Toa Mata do? It's an idea I'm tossing around in my head at the moment.

The Kakama is a good thing. It's by far my favorite masks.

But hey, using different masks is pretty creative.

Oh... You weren't being sarcastic?

Either way I am still tossing that idea around in my head.

Just look at my self moc. Or my avatar. Or basically any time a kakama is mentioned.

Could use some more Armour on the Torso, but other than that, nice Varderan MOC! :smile:

I knew someone was going to make that joke....

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What joke? Wait, this isn't Var?

Dang it, I wish we were on DA. Then I could make a Giant Dad joke.

But no, this isn't Var.

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I know. :laughing:

A Toa of Shadow can't exist, I'd recomend making him Magnetism, Gravity, or Sonics.

Because there are no natural Kra-matoran. Don't worry, I know.

Don't worry, I will make this work.

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Alright then...

Technically they can. Remember 08? While there are no natural Kra-Matoran, they can be made from pre-existing Matoran. As well, it's entirely possible to make a Toa of Shadow without Matoran, ala the Toa Mata.

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