Testing new studio **UPDATED**

So I have a new studio for Mocs.

It's still a bit macguyver but it's a vast improvement on the last setup in my opinion.

The whole things made up of a giant drawing notebook (wich I intend to use), a lamp, three weird cubby things that I've had since I've been 6, and of corse a table. Also I want to see if I can get my hands of those big cardboard things kids use at science fairs. I have no idea what they're called
The space isn't dedicated as a photography studio as I use it for both drawing and schoolwork.

Here's some test pictures:

I tried a few different angles with the darker guy but nothing seemed to work. Eventually I tried just turning the camera off. Tell me if it looks better

I need more testing with darker colorchemes

After this picture I tried moving the lamp. This was the result:
I think I'll need to make adjustments depending on what I'm trying to present.

Here's some more test pictures:

It also works great for lightpipeing. And for teasing my next moc for the future...


the studio looks good. Are you using 1 light id recommend using 2 lights for better lighting

you need a light from behind you/next to you, facing the moc.

I want to get another light but I don't know if I can afford it for a while

Pretty good.
The glare is nonexistent, which is good.

Pretty good! Certainly better than my stair corner :stuck_out_tongue: