TFM101's MOCs

Nothing Special. Just a few pictures of my MOCs. 8 for the Toa, and 4 for the Rahi. As I said, nothing special.
All the Toa together,

Granar, The Toa of Legend, with the Mask of Copying (Nuva Shoulder Armor).

A scorpion MOC that can be made with Granar's pieces and a few others.

Creva, a Toa of Earth, with the Mask of Semi-Gravity (Breakout Bulk Helmet). He has a sad backstory.

A 2-legged mutant Rahi MOC that can be made with Creva's pieces.

Embray, a Toa of Fire, with the mask of Accuracy (Furno 2.0 Helmet). He died and was revived. The first 8 pictures are his 1st life's model.

Valora, the Toa Kaita of Truth, is the Kaita of Granar, Embray, and Creva. He wears the Mask of Re-canonization (Nuva Shoulder Armor). Take that, Greg.
Also, @Creep, These are bigger.
Aswell, there is a death cow in his left arm. Find it.


Tell me the pros and cons of Valora. Say:
Pros: Rant away.
Cons: Rant away more.
I'll add more pictures later.


These MOCs are okay, but you should probably try to make the color schemes a LOT more consistent. Don't worry though, everybody started somewhere! Just a question by the way, how did you attach Embrays helmet without the telescope thingy?


Here is one way


Good to know!

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These.... are... soo... TINY pictures! crying_cat_face

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This is a decent start. More consistent color schemes is a must.

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That's what I did.

I didn't want them to be 1 picture in a line, so I divided the pixel sizes by 5. That is the result. Sorry.

(Double post - fixed by Scarilian)

I don't have many MOCing pieces. Am currently waiting for Bionicle Master sets.
Once I get the sets, the MOCing is on

The MOCing want on.

Double post for an update:


Are you SURE you want this...?

because things will get real if you say yes

Mainly the hands. Just do the hands. Actually, do all of them! They are already taken apart!


You want critique

on hands

...I have never gotten a request like this before...

I am trying some custom hands. They are in the imgur album.

Okay then.

First off, the MOC itself is just...meh. It's a spindly, un-colorblocked HF build with a flat head. IT kinda looks like Rocka...without his helmet and a lot of his armor.

Hands....I'll say what I can based off of what I can see through the giant sword that there are no pictures of the hand without.

Alright, I'll be honest. You summoned me, so I will let loose.

I dislike these hands. A lot.

However, I am going on the assumption that you don't have the pieces to make the incredibly simple standard hands.

Essentially, I can't fully critique this without knowing the extent of your collection. If you have a bit of system and some good finger pieces, then these hands would be made completely obsolete, as it's got static fingers made of a piece that very few people actually like. The normal hand with some claws would not only be more articulate, but much more aesthetic, also lacking the red and blue axles and pins.

My final consensus is entirely dependent on the factor of your collection.

If you are making do with what collection you have, I applaud the effort.

If you've got the stuff to make the normal hands and give them some claws...I don't know what to say, because I still don't like these hands.

Please don't kill me, just doing what I'm told ;-;


I actually don't know the full extent of my collection.