Thalnna, the melded spirit

Finally, I can post this moc. I've been waiting forever, but it's finally here.
you don't have to read the story, but I am actually quite proud of it (the story, not the style, which leaves much to be desired)

Kilnna was once a normal villager who lived in the water region of Okoto. The night before her wedding with Thal, a villager from the region of fire, she heard strange distant voices as she was about to go to sleep. She listened, but couldn't understand what the voices were saying. She tried to ignore them, but realized that the voices weren't coming from outside, but from inside her own head. When she discovered this, the voices became clearer and closer. She could now understand them. They were telling her to go to the docks. Kilnna asked why they were bothering her. The voices said that if she did what she was told, they would go away. She had no choice but to do what they asked her to do. Kilnna went to the docks. The voices told her to take a raft. So she set off to sea.
When the sun came out of the water, she looked back at her island, only to realize that she was lost. She had lost Okoto. She was in the open sea. She voices started tormenting her : telling her to drown herself when they weren't just yelling at her. Soon, she couldn't think anymore. She lied and waited there for six days. She was thinking about doing what the voices told her to do, to put an end to their constant yelling in her head : she was going to jump off the boat to put an end to her torment. As she stood at the edge of the water, ready to jump, she regretted not being able to marry the one that she loved. She let her body crumble to the deck, then slide off the boat.
Kilnna thought about Thal, and how she couldn't have lived with him. She cursed the voices for killing her ! She lost consciousness after sinking thirty meters. The pressure broke all her bones. She hit the bottom. The water trapped her soul, so that it couldn't leave her body. That day, a great being (okay, stop the storytelling for a moment. I know that there aren't any great beings in Bionicle G2, but let's just imagine that it's one of the same beings who sent down the Toa. Basically, a god or something like that) saw the pain of Thal who lost his bride. So he looked for Kilnna.
When he found her, he saw that she was unjustly murdered, and that it was the wrongdoing of one of his enemies. He pitied her and gave her a new life. But since the being doesn't have the power to do this (his job was to make all the souls in the world. It was one of his brother's job to make the bodies), he took both of their souls and melded them together, so that they may be together forever. The result was this MoC. Their combined souls made a form which is unstable. To fix this, the being made it so that one day, the form would be controlled by Thal, the other, it would be controlled by Kilnna. He put his new creation back on Okoto. But the voices weren't gone. One day, when it was Kilnna's turn, they cursed her, so that she would remain in control of the form until she falls in love with another man. Then she could share the form with Thal again.

now that that's out of the way, back to the MoC itself:

back view:

front view:

Even though I am posting this moc, I still consider it mostly WIP. Tell me the flaws and where I could improve on it.


The MOC looks great! Just try to make the lower chest a bit thicker.

Hmm that's new. haven't see Hunaboobs before. Great MOC but

What that guy said.
But hey that's just an opinion, mine and this guy's opinion.

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the hair reminds me of those Predator aliens

sorta alright


When I see this,


Well that's.... interesting?

Needs a butt


Colour scheme actually works fairly well, and nice consistent texture/shaping with the visorak legs. Need to work on the layering though (use one colour for the armor, another for the underarmor)

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I would personally change the lower arms and make them a bit shorter. Maybe use metru legs instead, as well as possibly changing the lower legs.

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well, I didn't change the arms, but I did change the lower chest. here it is now:


what does this mean?


I like the hair thingy

but those legs need to be longer

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As in this MoC disgusts me.

EDIT: Lemme rephrase this.
I like the colorscheme, an that weapon looks kind of good, but the Hunabobs and the hair are just a no. To me, at least. I'm not trying to be offensive, but the MoC is only okay at best.


Okay, thanks. What's wrong with the hair?

I don't like hair on MoCs. I guess this has better hair than most MoCs I've seen?

Melded Spirit ey?

Well, that's your opinion, and you're entitled to it. And I guess that there isn't any way that I could change this MoC that would make the both of us content. But since I have ownership over this MoC, I will do as I please with it. And it pleases me to keep this MoC feminine, so I won't cut the hair, nor will I remove her breasts. Thanks for the input, though. :grinning:


Well, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, so what you need to do here is take that head and turn it into a predator-like creature. Because that head is beautiful and, i think, it would fit a predator much better. not that it does not fit this moc.

Ya know, it doesn't look too bad, man. Keep up the good work! :smile: