Thank You TTV, Congratulations TheUnderscoredDouble and Mister N

Thank you TTV for your wonderful, hard working nature that provided us with this chance to see some of our favorite characters from Bionicle be granted a proper appearance. These contests will be very tiring, and especially so with this first trial run at it. You deserve a rest for your efforts to handle this competition with good care and patience, even if it did test you at times. Thank you so very much!

To the winners of the MOC and art competitions, @TheUnderscoredDouble and @Mister-N, congratulations to you. Thanks to you, we now have a canon appearance for Helryx. Thank you for your time and effort you put into this contest.

This goes to all the other contestants as well. Not only did your passion provide such a diverse and artistic view on this character, but it solidified itself as evidence that the Bionicle community is strong and eager to see the legend live on. Thank you all for your time and efforts as well.

To any others who wish, let’s fill this topic with praise and good tidings to those who took care to fulfill this wonderful project.

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