Thanksgiving 2016: Wild Turkey Chase

The Heroes devise a plan to keep Surge occupied so that Stormer, Kopaka, and Pohatu can go to the store and buy a turkey.

This is the second special that is paving the way for BIONICLE VS Hero Factory: Apocalypse (trailer out now!).


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I feel like I am high after watching the first video


I feel like they were high, making this

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Well, it was midnight, we were just coming up with stuff on the spot, and we hadn’t recorded a video in months, so that might explain it :laughing: also yeah the Halloween special is way better than this one (I promise the movie will be good tho)

Well, so much for punctuation :stuck_out_tongue:

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R.I.P Nuju, 2000-2016

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RIP literally everyone except Tahu Mata 2k16

Oh, them too

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