Thapod, The Illusional Fume

"Your power cannot affect me, however, you remind me of h̙̮̱͓̫̦̳e̢͎͛̀͐́ṟ̵̾̄̈ͥ̇.ͣ̊̍͒͂̿͋.̫̩͇͉̮̖̦̇͠.̯̣͇̞̩̐̽ͭ" -Folisk

Thapod served the Lunar Empress after the day of the Rainbow Tyrant fall. Her fume causes mind distortion which make thing to appear in real life. It’s only effective to organic species however it is dangerous against species with little to no intelligent; because they would just burn.


Could look a bit more feminine, and maybe a bit less clumped together.


Interesting use of the Invasion from Below cocoon pieces

Nice. The midsection could use some more green, though.

A another case of whereisthehead-itis

I see a mask, I don’t see a head.

Nice! I like the use of the invasion from below cocoon pieces in combination with the Umarak mask.

I got to say this looks nice.
Though I can almost see the head.