Thasos - Toa of the Woodlands

Thasos, a lesser known Toa, is the warden of the woodlands. He protects over the flora and fauna of the forest as though they were his own children. It’s almost as if his spirit and lifeforce are connected to the forest on a metaphysical level. Some cultures would refer to Thasos as a Spriggan. But to most, he is simply a peaceful monk who defends that which cannot defend itself.


Great job! I really like the plant aesthetic

Not a fan of the abundance of greens and browns, and some textrues clash a bit, but I guess it’s the aesthetic you wanted.

I really like this MOC! I have not seen this color scheme done in a while. It gives off a really earthy look, and I liked the look of the mask the moment I saw it. The Pohatu 2015 armor worked really well on this. While the sword is simple, it works well.

spriggans are supposed to be black and have huge swords, 0/10.

Unorthodox MOC, yet somewhat likable.

I’d make the shoulders less wide and increase the length of the arms slightly.

Feels a bit on the chunky side for a jungle toa, and the colors are a bit too much. I would have gone with a much thinner frame and a more cohesive color scheme.

Looks Awesome!
To me though, it looks more like a “she” than a “he.”
(The vines on the head remind me of hair)

I really, really don’t like the build, but eh, whatever I guess.

Wow, umm thanks for the honest opinion. I didn’t think it was really that bad. What don’t you like about it?

That’s pretty sweet. I also misread his name as thanos

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