That comic

Well, recently friend told me about this video comic called "Subject 9" (Furry fandom comic)...
Anyone saw it? Any thoughts? (I didnt realy know where should i put this topic about Furry fandom virtual Comic) (I watched a bit already, it supposed to be topic with thoughts about it, and not the topic asking for it, but whateva)

(Playlist, should include all of it)

Well yeah.. that

Now, I'm no furry, but I actually really like how anthropomorphic animals look.


Overall? smile_cat

about half the time

Half the time you like Furries and half, you dont? dog2

I agree with this statement in somewhere approaching 50% of cases


looks at web for random furry images ...yeah, I see what you mean! smile_cat

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Personally not that big on Anthro or Furry stuff, though I remember seeing an illustration of a shark-lady some time ago that looked cool.

After watching half of episodes... well judge by yourself, watch some and andwser: do you agree that story is bit generic, yet suprising? smile_cat