That Which You Have Sworn To Protect (Makuta Rebrick Contest)

That Which You Have Sworn To Protect (Makuta Rebrick Contest)

Didn’t have the time or the inspiration to build a real Makuta, so instead, here’s a G2-inspired remake of the Matoran-form Makuta from MNOLG.


I…hope you’re not planning on entering it.

Still, it’s an excellently photographed picture and the CCBS-ish remake of Nothing is quite good.


It’s too late, I saw it on rebrick. Beside, it looks better than the other entries that tries to mimic G2 Makuta.

Anyways, for a small build it goes quiet nicely.


You know? I really like this.
Great photography, great throwback to MNOG, a clever (if simple) design and a great title…


I’m not expecting to win anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like Smeaty said, the MOC is a great throwback to MNOG, and the design is very clever, especially since the MOC is very simple. My favorite part would be the fact that you were able to implement the Mctoran chest piece at such a small scale and how well you used it.

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What would be a mistake in entering it? I’m probably not going to win, and I’m still entering.

Actually, it looks better than most of the entries on Rebrick. Where does it state that bigger is necessarily better?

This is a searingly simple, yet fantastic MOC. And the title sends a shiver down my spine from fifteen years ago.


It’s a simple little MOC, but the photo is great. :smile:


this is pretty cool
could we get a back pic?

I love the integration of the Mctoran chest piece.

Simple, but effective.

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Neat way of implementing the old McToran torso with CCBS.

No problem.


I like it. It’s very cute.

It has a really nice build for something so small.
And the photo is 10/10.

Great little MOC, great photography, overall brilliant!

lol :laughing:

que? :S

It’s “MNOG,” sorry, just found it funny.

It’s both! :wink: Mata Nui On line Game. I dunno, I’ve always preferred MNOLG. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I realise ‘online’ is one word, but the bold formatting doesn’t work without the space.

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