That Which You Have Sworn To Protect (Makuta Rebrick Contest)

Actually a pretty good translation of the Mctoran to G2. :+1:

Who knows he might win, it aint bad and it is way better then what the winner of Lego’s last contest used to win.

This might be a minor nitpick, but I fell like this would be better with an infected muaka hau, if ya had it.

Personally, I think that the rusty aesthetic of the infected muaka hau would look out of place here, unless the entire moc was painted to match, in which case, well, painting…

on an unrelated note:

you fell? I hope you’re alright :wink:

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crap, meant “feel”

I’m not sure if @Disty will win the grand prize, but hopefully they’ll at least recognize that his is more aesthetically pleasing, rather than visually overwhelming.

Cool! Can you show us how you photographed that? It looks like Wee Baby 'Kuta is watching a fire or something. How did you do that?

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Hey, sorry for the late reply @Hautaka - I just used a pair of LED boxes which came with frosted white and orange filters. I used an orange filter on one light and a white filter of the other.

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