ThatRedHeadGuy's Self-MOC: NOIR

So this is my first time building an actual Bionicle MOC (besides the terrible Matoran sized MOCs I made in 2nd grade).This is my self MOC named Noir and I decided to use a black Akaku as my personal mask. I am really happy with how it turned out, but I realize that it is not the best design. Unfortunately the design of the knees causes the legs to not bend past a 50 degree angle. There is a ball joint connecting the torso to the waist but for display I inserted a three length axle instead of the proper two length axle because the joint does not have enough friction to support the weight of the torso. The axle runs from the torso into a pin hole underneath the waist connection to hold the waist in place. I used a simple Inika torso piece as the base for the chest. However, it has been covered by a lot of armor so it is barely visible. On the arms, I used Nuparu Mahri's upper-arm armor but the axle runs through a pin hole so it does not inhibit the elbow movement. While the arms look ok, I was very happy that I could include movable fingers for the MOC. For the weapon, I just went with a simple long sword. I tried to make the hilt more exciting, but the sword became too heavy for the MOC. Overall, I was going for a TRON look with a black color scheme with neon accents. I really enjoyed building my first MOC, I hope to improve in the future!

EDIT: I wanted to note that I tried to limit my use of system pieces as much as possible. There are a lot of studs and lightsaber pieces used, however.


This looks cool. I especially like the hands.

Thanks! The hands were very difficult to pull off. They are actually held together by one green lightsaber blade piece and one two-length axle, so they are kind of flimsy unfortunately.

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It's very nice-looking!

Thank you!

this is pretty cool, I love the color scheme

Alright, black n Neon with an Akaku


Question the choice of hands and connection to sword, arm proportions seem off, some of his design is blocky and messy, but he's still fine. Different Eyestalk color, why?

I could give it an 7.5/10 if I could score nicely

Nice self Moc

Yeah the arms look a little off in the picture but I got as close as I could. The eyestalk color is different because I simply do not have the neon yellow-green color. This is my first real Bionicle MOC so I know it is not the best.

That is a lot of Vert for something trying to be called Noir.
It manages to work though.

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Noir is actually just one of my main user names I use for things like avatars in video games. He was originally going to be all black, but I decided to add the green in a sort of homage to TRON Legacy.

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thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

This looks really good!

Thank you!