The 25 Days of TTVmas

Scroll to the last post in the TTV member Kaita topic. :smile:


The message "Jogn was here" was hidden inside one of the posts in the topic you linked.

Or this. You could also do this


You've just been


@John_Smith was editing every one of our posts, duh

Noo, don't let them in on the secret!


Right, I forgot the thing about how they would be edited, because I am EvilLobsterChump...


My first thought was to look up something of Slime's that had something to do with Ranaki...

Then I read down.

I am not going to win.. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey don't sweat it man, you don't need to find them on the day they come out. You just need to be the first one to send the final clue to us to win. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wanna win so bad...

Imma practice some how.

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@John_Smith @Political_Slime

Few queries;
- What time zone are you working off here? It says it will be daily but it would help to know what time the new clue will be added.
- It mentions Jogn and Slime both hiding messages in one of their old posts, does that mean they both do the same clue in an old post? or is it one person and that changes?
- Are there any runner up prizes? Mentioning this as you refer to a golden prize, so interested if it will have others
- This first clue is a tutorial right? so does that mean we pm you the tutorial question's answer to get the clue for the next one?

So basically;
- Find clue, pm clue to you for clue for next day?
- If i entered and then was unable to enter for a few days, would the hidden messages remain? and would i be able to pick-up later?


@Political_Slime @John_Smith sent an important message regarding the contest, with notifications broken and all I just wanted to make sure you read it before the first clue goes up.

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I can't say for certain what time each hint will be posted (largely because our schedules are busy), but both John and I are in the Eastern Time Zone, so it will likely follow that.

It is one person per day. John will hide posts in his posts, and I will hide posts in mine.


Second Place gets to choose my custom title for a week

i totally didn't just make that up

Nah. If this was a real clue, then yes, you would PM me, and I would confirm that you got it right. However, since this is a tutorial clue, it won't actually count for anything, so you can feel free to post it in here.

Also, I feel it's worth noting to clarify.

I will not be PMing anyone the next clue once they PM the answer. The answer IS the clue.

Ohey I already answered this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aight, sorry about that, I'll check it right now.

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Is the tutorial answer the first clue? Or am I being dumb again...


Then ADD it to the original post!


As Willess was trying to say, no, I shall be posting the first clue here tomorrow.



Ok, so once we PM you and get confirmation we just wait until tomorrow? Will you let us know when the next clue/secret message goes up?


I/John will post in this topic whenever we edit in a clue.


I'm gonna try this out. I don't know if I'm gonna win, but I'll try.

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Heh, I already did that. :laughing:

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pshhhhhhh no

that'd be stupid of me to do

*quickly changes title

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