The 4 virtues

ChaoticTempleKnight, what is this madness? You might be asking. Well allow me to explain.

I have a glorious Bionicle group on DA called: The-4-Virtues
Ironically it only has one admin (me).

Back in March 2015, I finally got around to making the Bionicle group I always wanted to make. This group allows everything and anything from Bionicle G1, Bionicle G2, Hero Factory, Slizers/Throwbots, and VooDoo Heads. You can check out the rules and more info for the group on the group page.

AND YES! The name is a blatant refrence to TTV.


Hmm, I'll think about it;


Some interesting art you've got there. I'll have to check it out again in the future.

I could get in in my free time... I wouldn't do much tho

sounds interesting xD i will check it out

Sounds fun.
I just don't do this whole "DA" thing...

looks cool, I'll join

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