The "About Pieces" Thread

As many of us are Lego fans (if not all of us), I think we all want to know the specifications of pieces or figures before we buy them. I felt this way about some Bionicle pieces a while ago, so I thought it might be helpful to have a thread where you can ask if anyone has a certain piece, and people who have that piece can post details of said piece.

For example:
Person A: I’m interested in buying some Technic figures, does anyone know what they can connect to?
Person B: I have some! They have stud connections on the backs of legs like regular minifigures, and their legs have holes you can put technic pegs into.

You can also post pictures if you think it would be helpful. Measurements would also be helpful if someone’s asking if something would fit in another part.

If this kind of thread already exists, I’m sorry.

[EDIT: Made a typo.]


This is a great idea for a topic, I’ll start off, anyone have Znap wheels? I would love to see a size comparison with typical Lego wheels and bricks, as I’ve brought some “Znap Propellers” and they’re good and all, but smaller than I had hoped.


I can help. I have some Znap wheels (not sure if they’re small or big, I just know they’re Znap). Here are some pictures with some bricks for scale and another wheel so you can get a feel for the size. The holes in the spokes are slightly thinner than a regular Technic beam but can still fit a peg if you want.

The tread does come off, but it’s a bit tricky to get back on. The wheel diameter with the tire on is about six studs but I wasn’t able to get very accurate measurements. The wheels also have a tube that has an axle grip in the middle but not the edges, so that makes using it a bit awkward. I wouldn’t really recommend getting them unless that’s the look you’re going for… my FIRST Lego League team bought a dozen of them (and they ended up with me) so they kind of just take up space. I also don’t know much about the colors, but the lime is really not easy to implement.

Long story short: Good-ish size, awkward connection points. I think they are pretty inexpensive, though. Hopefully this helped!


Thank you very much for such an in depth breakdown of the part! Glad to know they’re not so great for attaching to axles, my intention with the smaller ones was for an Aquazone themed rover and I was considering using the bigger ones on other sci-fi vehicles but I may look elsewhere first before jumping at Znap wheels now. Just really want that late 90s-early 2000s bling ya know :stuck_out_tongue:


Can anyone with this piece or this piece (both sides) show me what they look like under this piece?