The All-Purpose Fictional World for Bionicle Fans and Characters to Co-Exist AKA the Rise-Verse

It was the Hero Factory 2015 Deny-it Train.


I see
then thats better

Not to sound cocky or anything, but I’m pretty good at writing origin stories. Amirite?

you are

good gosh you two are the lords of off-topicness XD

I imagine some energized protodermis fell onto a potato plant, causing them to mutate into a species.

What about the Hau?

this also extends to slimes and potatos

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My idea was a sentient Hau(that’s crazy) would wind up attaching to a Potato, and just kinda hove around and stuff.

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You mean hover, right?

Anyways, anyone got any ideas for other wacky backstories?

My friggin’ iPod, man.
Maybe Nyran can be brought to Earth with the Olmak.
I already have a plan for Ngram.

nyran was a simple, humble idiot, when he joined a podcast with a bunch of idiots, then got contaminated with idiotitis, and was hit with a beam from a spear of fusion, which was sadly set to the negative, so its powers did the opposite, and he cryed like a nerd cause it burnt his skin
then he became a nerd, and his other half became a sychopath
and they lived happily ever after
(ngram was in a cage)

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Humble and idiot are two words that very much do not reflect who or what I am in the slightest.

I don’t have skin. I am a machine. ngram as you insist upon calling him, is not a psychopath. just deranged and not very smart. More of a harmless moron who spouts nonsense that anything dangerous like a killer.

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can you not ruin the magic
simple isnt one either
and I am a potato
can you not look into the eyes of ngram and think he isnt a psychopath?

This topic is beautiful.

And @pot8o he may be insane but we mustn’t tell him, it would break him… again.

And I suppose my origin is a Hau that began speaking one day, and leaped off of its user’s face, then named itself Jowm.

I love this! It’s a great Idea Rise!

I guess my backstory is Father Issued Juice Drinker and Beef Eater, Wearing a Great Huna, and living in Victoria, Australia.
I later get hit by a car, and get put into a mechanical body, still capable of Drinking and Eating, without it being a requirement.



My own headcanon is that once Bonkles came to earth, we got a major upgrade in our mechanical engineering, vs. what we have today.

As such, Nyran the Being in this universe(the guy I use as my Profile pic) is a fully mechanical being, but wears fantasy-era like clothes because they’re cool, as well as his standard Mirror mask.

Ngram is Nyran’s old organic body, inhabited by an experiment, the first attempt at a man-made artificial mind, placed inside the body.

He thought that Ny’s outfit looked cool, so he tried replicating it. @Political_Nuju if you could provide the visual aide to the folks in this topic.


sorry for potato quality but I’m at school and don’t have access to the original


nothings wrong with potato!
sometimes potato quality is better then no quality!


“Sometimes better than none at all”
My idea for Ngram’s gonna be amazing. Although you guys already know what if is.

No I dont
did I miss out on this?