The Amazing Fantastic Adventures of Slime (and to a lesser extent, Nuju)

Aight, so after a lot of deliberation and hard thinking, I figured I’d finally give my backstory, and tell y’all how I got here.

That was my idea you dolt.

Shaddup I wanted to make it seem like-

For all three of you who frequent the Literature forum, welcome! I figure introductions are a good place to start. Hi, I’m Slime. And this is my talking hat, Nuju.

How many times do I have to say that’s not my name? My name is Epsil-

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh no one cares Nuju. Moving on, some of you may have seen a topic a while back called “The Report”. Those posts were a result of Nuju’s memory banks getting fried, but I’ll get to that part eventually. For now, I’ll begin my story where he left off.

So I wake up in a desert on a strange world, with nothing but a hat and my wits. Though the odds are against me, I travel long and hard, searching for any sign of civilization.

I seem to remember you gave up fairly quickly.

But only after DAYS AND DAYS of searching!

It was closer to 30 minutes.

Okay, who’s telling the story here? Not you. Now can I continue?


After searching FOR DAYS, I decide to take a rest. As I sit there on the hot, dry sand, I sense some sort of movement in the sand off in the distance. I decide to head in that direction, since I don’t have much else to do. As I get closer, I see that the disturbance was caused by some creatures. From a distance, it feels like some sort of wagon pulled by some creatures. “Great!” I think, “Maybe there’ll be some people there!” So I run up to the wagon thing. Eventually, I get right in its path.

“HELLO THERE!” I yell up to the drivers, hoping to get their attention. For some strange reason, the beasts pulling the wagon rear up, stopping the cart and causing two riders inside to tumble out.

“By Mata Nui,” one of them exclaims, “what IS that thing?”

“Don’t worry, I come in peace!” I tell them. For some strange reason, they don’t seem to acknowledge my comment, and proceed to grab their weapons.

This is where I come in. Though Slime didn’t know it at the time, he could only communicate through vibrations. For the travelers, he was simply jiggling his head around. Having had my mind merged with his in the dimensional tunnel, I could understand him fine. However, I could also translate for others.

“I said, I come in peace,” I spoke for Slime.

“Wh-what are you?” the other traveler said, “And um, why do you have a Kanohi on your head?”


I didn’t say that. I’m just repeating what that guy said.

WELL THE POINT STILL STANDS. And who gave you permission to tell the story?

I thought it would be a good time to share my perspective, considering you would have still been in that desert were it not for me.


“Tell them I’m a really cool dude who just wants to head to the next town,” Slime told me. I repeated the message to the travelers.

“Um, okay,” the second one said, “But you still haven’t answered my question…are you like, some sort of Rahi? Do you come from Bota Magna?”

These questions neither Slime nor I could answer, but I gave it my best effort.

“I hail from a distant world, and know not of these things which you speak.”

I would have never said it so melodramatically. “I hail from a distant world,” what is this, Shakespeare?

“I wish to know more of this land, and assure you that I am not dangerous.”

There we go again with the melodrama.

The two looked at each other briefly, seemed to come to an agreement, then charged at Slime with their weapons. One of them had a spear, the other a sword. Slime braced himself, but I had a hunch. See at the time, I knew more about Slime then he knew himself. I had visited the dimension from which he came, and observed his species, though briefly. Thus, I did not flinch when they came charging at us.

You didn’t flinch because you’re a mask. Masks can’t move their faces.

I meant it figuratively. The first one stabs his spear straight through Slime. However, this does nothing to harm him. The other one tries to slice him in half with his sword, but his body simply rejoins. The two spend about three minutes trying to attack Slime, to no avail. Eventually they give up, falling back to their cart.

“Now,” I say for Slime, “Do you think you could take me to the nearest village?”

“We um, were on our way to New Atero, a big city just south of here,” one of them replied, “D-Do you promise not to hurt us?”

“Heck no” is what I said.

“Absolutely, kind sirs!” is what I said.

So the three (or four) of us rode to New Atero. And with that, Slime and I began our epic quest that would lead us to travel a foreign planet, cross dimensions, and finally end at this world you call Earth.

Which kinda sucks because some of those other places were cooler. KIDDING, you guys are great. The next chapter will be out soon!

He means a few months.


…Shaddup Nuju…


this is pretty cool, seems like slime’s adventures in Spheres Magna


Everytime I click your avatar, your user card pops up for half a second, then my browser crashes.

Anyway, that was interesting. Look forward to see more.


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I don’t know, I just wanted to say that while I finish reading your lovely bit of art. :smile:


Yes you.

You are a good writer.

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This is pretty great Slurm.

Have an even better Rice Cracker. :rice_cracker:

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Wow. I had no idea the hat talked. Good story. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

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So this is Slime’s backstory.


I need to write Cronk’s backstory sometime.

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I finally read it like I promised.
I wish I hadn’t put it of for these 6 and a half months.
A true masterpiece…

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Glad you think so, ELK :slight_smile:

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I finally found this. It’s interesting!


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