The Ambassador

Acting as the Queen’s most trusted advisor, The Ambassador works in concert with the Elite Royal Guard in her majesty’s service.

This crafty fellow strongly prefers the negotiating table to the battlefield. But if push comes to shove, The Ambassador can (and has) laid low many enemies of the realm during his long career. More often than not, these victories were not achieved through open combat. But rather a stealthy, assassin-like approach under the cover of darkness.

Perhaps the rumors are true, and The Ambassador did rise to prominence by the edge of his blade?


The use of the Knights Kingdom weapons and wings (if memory serves me correctly) is pretty well done.


Thanks man. Not sure about the weapons, but the wings definitely are from Knights Kingdom 2.

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That open socket joint hand in the groin area is really bugging me. I am wondering why that is there

Well time for me to do my thing.

Looks overall really groovy man.
I love me some custom hands, this MOC has custom hands so groovy.
Dem wings are groovy. Creative use of parts there, in my opinion.
I like the color scheme a lot.
The elbow build looks like it restricts movement going forward.

Eh yeah it didn’t bug me until you pointed it out though.

Overall really groovy MOC man. :+1:

hoo hoo hoo this is brilliant!

Colours are great, silhouette is great, build is great. This guy just takes the cake. I think the weapon was a bit misjudged? The two pieces used are designed to be on their own and so putting them together doesn’t work that well. Maybe if you just had a long spear with that knight’s kingdom sword on the end, that could work?

Anyway, it still works very nicely,

so a solid 9/10 mate

I love the color scheme. (I used it on one of my mocs)

Nice! I didn’t think I’d ever like the tarix mask, whenever I try to use it it looks terrible. here, it really works with the moc, the color scheme is well done and those wings are beautiful.

You meant to say “in her majesty’s secret service” :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it might help a bit if the handle for the weapon was longer. Everything else is awesome.

Oh goody oh boy Ben 10 feetsies

Seriously, He’s pretty good! Not seen much use of trans-dark blue, I wonder why. cough cough Lego hates dark trans colours cough cough

Really good use of certain parts here, the wings and Ben 10 feet in particular.

Love the wings!

Huh, this is pretty good, especially for s bold color scheme.those wings really bring it together.

Interesting moc man. Really love the color scheme

Looks great, you make a lot of great mocs

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Thanks man!

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