The Ambient Noise Topic

I've started listening to "ambient noise" soundtracks while browsing the Boards. It helps to fill the "must-do-several-things-at-once-to-feel-productive" quirk I have.

After watching all 7 seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I had gotten pretty used to the Enterprise-D's engine humming. Now I get to feel like I'm on the Enterprise while I'm discussing BIONICLE 2015. stuck_out_tongue

Who else listens to ambient noise?


I listen to the ringing in my ears (and use perfect pitch to determine exactly what note it is) if that counts.

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That's a thing people do?

Sometimes I listen to ambient noise; most times I listen to music that was composed to be barely there, like background/ambient music.

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Apparently. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I listen to this and other things.

I listen more to instrumental than ambient but there both cool. I've been listening to this for the last couple weeks while mocing.

I enjoy listening to sound videos, which might include tapping, scratching, inaudible whispering, soft-spoken foreign languages, and the like. They give me the feeling of a waterfall of tingles down my back, and is quite pleasant.

I also will use this to create my own soundscape to listen to.

I like this website...

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If the innumerable cars on I-40 or the many trains just a thousand-or-so feet from my house count, then yes, I listen to ambient noise all the time.


I use an app called White Noise to help me sleep, if that counts.


Reviving this topic because I quite recently gained an interest in ambient music/noise.

It started with this track:

Then I also found this, which I have been listening to quite a lot recently:

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