The Amethyst Defender (WIP)

Skip these two paragraphs if you don't care about whatever it is in Okoto or whatever

"This was not an ordinary one, this one seemed to have come from a different planet, a comet leaving auroras of purple and stars behind it. We had thought the six Toa were the only ones to come, yet this was the hint of even more life on these planets. Maybe our ritual that sent our heroes was too strong, sending the unsuspecting to an entirely foreign planet?" Korgot asked aloud, as her villagers gathered around the crater of this meteorite of amethyst and iron.

A lanky figure, with only a sword to its' name rose from the meteorite, and not understanding a word of the villagers-it sprinted to the summits of Okoto. What its' goal was, no one knew, as the writer of this very story was too lazy and stupid to provide one...

So far the hips look pretty awkward, not sure about much else I'm doing wrong, though tell me what I am doing wrong, I need to learn u kno, wip is not an excuse for no critique**

I'll edit the topic now with the other pictures, the uploading isn't working for other photos at the moment.... rage

Fixed now, I think.


Looks fine, but the torso seems very long from the side, and I don't think the Skull Spider works well as an armour plate.

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I see what you mean, though the longness adds flexibility to curve left and right, it mightn't help a ton in the long run. I'll try to bulk his torso a slight bit, though don't want to fully make the waist immobile, if you know what I mean.

As for the skull spider, I see your point, it kinda sticks out like a sore thumb, thinking about it.

I think the skull spider should only be used for a mask or shoulder armor. Here this guy kinda looks pregnant.

Also the treads on the bones seems nice.

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Here this guy kinda looks pregnant.

Fair enough, though thinking about it I may add a couple spiders to the shoulders...


Plural's Quick Review:

  • Colors are OK; Maybe if you get rid of the Skull Spider Mask
  • Torso Build is Pretty Shweet
  • Chest Swivel is Bootiful
  • Treads on lower arms and calves are Meh

I would give this MOC a 7/10.

Good Job! grinning


get rid of the Skull Spider Mask

On it, will get something a tad darker to cover it up.

Torso Build is Pretty Shweet
Chest Swivel is Bootiful

Got an improvement from 'ok', noice.

Treads on lower arms and calves are Meh

A bit too many greebles I guess, may try to get something else so it isn't just silver on the calves and feet.

One day, one day I'll get the magical 9.999nein998/10

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Lateral Hip Movement?

Paging @Nyran.


Nyran a fan of Zumba or somethin?

Interesting torso, really gives me an 01' vibe for some reason. Pretty cool use of the tread pieces BTW.

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Opinions are kinda 50/50 with the treads, though I'm glad you like them-that technic set I got was worth it after all.

Looks very alien, not sure why people complain about the shape of it, it's literally come out of space... I would actually say that the mask it has doesn't quite fit the build? Perhaps a custom head would've been a better choice, because as the story is now, it just looks like a slightly lanky Korgot. Would like to see an expanded story?

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why people complain about the shape of it

I think most of the complaints come from the skull spider piece, which to be fair is pretty odd for anything, thinking about it.

If I had more transpurple, I would change the mask, but so far with the trans purple accents I think the purple and black mask fits most. I mightn't be too motivated for much more story on it, but once I post my next update I'll probably explain what happened afterwards.

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