The Arbitrator

This is The Arbitrator, an interplanetary conflict resolver and keeper of the peace. He is a beacon of fairness and plain dealing. Countless wars have been ended through his unmatched negotiating skills.



I like his striking colorscheme.

Wait… is there a peg-hole in his hand? How is he holding the shield like that?

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Very cool looking character, with an interesting backsory!
Great custom hands too.

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Yup, peg hole in the hand. There’s a panel type piece on back of the hand that covers the hole. Optionally, you can take the panel off and put a peg trough it.

I can’t overstate just how awesome those bootleg hands are. I’m telling you, if you MOC they will change your life.

@Altair thanks! They’re actually bootleg hands rather than customs. Check the bootleg thread for more info on them.


Great MOC! I really need to get my hands on some of those… hands. Also how is the lower arm and leg arnor attatched?

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Bootleg hands! That’s a pretty cool sword, too.

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Thanks! Those bones are bootleg too. And their design is genius because they have a peg hole through the center of the ball joint. So they work with technic parts and CCBS.

Cool! I like the colors and the snakes used on the shoulders.

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Not sure how I feel about the color scheme