The Archery Topic

Archery, though used for war in a time long past, is a fun sport based around shooting a bow and arrow.
Here is a place that you can discuss the great sport of Archery.

I would have put this in the "Other" category, but it wouldn't let me.

All I have is a 20 lb youth bow, but I love using it. I've hit a 2x2 square target from 100 meters before. Granted the other 5 arrows I shot at it missed, and I even lost one of them, but it was fun. Now that the weather here is clearing up, I should get back out and shoot something soon.


Shooting things with arrows is fun. A couple weeks ago I shot a rabbit in my backyard, that was pretty rewarding. =P

I've been using my 80lb compound for a couple years now and it is my favorite. I also have a Mongolian style recurve. My friend and I always have competitions down at the range.

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Larry Wise.

My dad's math teacher.

Also, one of the greatest archers in the world.

I have shot a bow before and It was awesome, although I was only ten and had a hard time pulling the string back. I have a re-curve bow, though I've never shot it. I need to get some foam or hay for a target.

it looks cool
at school archery used to be a sport you could do for sports day
Not anymore though.

I should totally try it

one day

I have the Archery Merit Badge in Boy Scouts, but I'm not that good at it. stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

Archery is the closest thing I ever did to a sport, and I no longer do it.


I shot a guard in the face with a bow playing Oblivion.

Does that count?


Archery level increased to 100!



I gotta admit, it looks pretty sweet. I've never actually tried archery before, but I appreciate the skill and the overall awesomeness of it. Besides, accuracy is something archers need to perfect.

Has anyone done this before?
I have, once. It feels cool for a few minutes but then you realize that you just ruined one (possibly two) of your arrows that you probably spent some good money on.
Oh well, it gives bragging rights I guess.


I knew a guy who did that, and he got very salty because he lost two arrows to it.


I'm absolutely terrible at it. Where I live, hunting is very popular, and most of my friends bow hunt... I would maybe try it with them if I could hit a target ten meters away...

I am not the best archer, but that probably is due to me just not practicing.


Ah, I've seen this scene before. It's so awesome how he splits the arrow. smiley

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I have a pretty snazzy tan compound bow sitting in a case somewhere in the basement. I got into Archery in the winter of 2011/2012, then fell out of practice, then took actual lessons and got a lot better in the summer/autumn of 2013, then fell out of practice. Given it's an odd-numbered year, I will most likely get back into it again. stuck_out_tongue


You are now Robin in the Hood.


had a bow and arrow once, the first 4 arrows hit the target, the last one almost hit a friend, the bow and arrow was confiscated by said friend and given back 2 minutes later, I'm not bad at archery, I'm not great though