The Archon


Excuse the aspect ratio if its messed up. It’s link to the Flickr page shows it correctly.

Made this a few weeks ago. Might as well make this my first post to the site. Overall it’s a first draft of this, so at some point I’m probably going to revisit the lower arms and legs. For now I’m just glad that I have it together as a proof of concept.


love the arms but i really dont like the kanohi, but thats personal preference

¯_(ツ)_/¯ This was one of the only white masks that I had that weren’t asymmetrical

looks alright, ye

I feel like the lower arms might be clashing, but maybe add some white or remove the white from the lower legs to match


Blasphemer! Solek’s mask is best mask.

######In all honesty I do like that mask…

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I like it.
More pictures would be nice, though.

the body seems really… narrow. maybe a bit of a bulkier body would look nicer, other than that there isn’t much wrong with this. Some kind of weapon or other accessory could spuce this up since it looks a bit bland.

It looks simple, but it looks good!
The only gripe I have is that the body is kinda thin.
The limbs looks good, though!

Now just a second here.
I’m supposed to be the Archon here…
But yeah, this isn’t bad.
Pretty darn solid.