The Art of Bionicle in LDD: Hell-Fire

So here is my third topic with an LDD model about a concept from the Art Book. This time is the Hell-Fire, the third design for Ikir.

And here it is united with a basic Toa. Note:you need some side pieces to put the wings.

Here is an updated form of the Lava Rhino (it have it’s own topic):



It’s pretty good, it just feels off.

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You can give me suggestion! I always remake them!

I feel like it’s the neck.

Too long?

Too short, make it one size up and add a ccbs shell.

To short? Well, this is the piece used by the real creatures, soo…

It’s probably just me.

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The truth is that it is very hard to put stud shooters on Lewa wing pieces.

On LDD the unity piece don’t exist.

Looks pretty neat! I would recommend downloading bluerender and rendering your photos so the presentation is nicer.

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You will have to look it up, but it is a program that renders and gets rid of the grids and applies lighting and texture to the bricks. It is free, iirc.

I’ll do what I can.

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