The Azulvian

How do you get the lighting so presise? It's amazing! Oh, and the MOC is pretty good, too.

Nice head design. This should have been what the Chima ultrabuilds looked like.

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Thanks for the compliment, dude. The key is to have a really bright room. But just turning on extra lamps in the room won't do it. Sunlight is the real key, and can't be underrated for taking good pictures.

I use the sunniest room in my house, which is my office/man-cave because the sun faces the window during the day. For taking the actual pics, I'm using a 4 year old iPhone 5. No special apps or anything, just the standard camera app. Then I turn up the contrast a little bit to make the MOC "pop" against the background. That's it.

I love Chima Ultras! That's what got me into MOCing in the first place last year. Once I bought a few, I realized that to make even somewhat decent builds, I would need to expand my collection into Bionicle parts. I've been collecting and building with Bionicle ever since.

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This guy looks like a villain to me... maybe it's just that his color scheme is very reminiscent of Brutaka...

Nice MOC!. A very interesting choice of colors.

RIP Kewa it will be missed ;-;

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